2016 Resolutions

Southeast Asia

As 2015 is drawing to an end, some of us may have forgotten that piece of paper of 2015 resolutions that we have written down last year at this point of time. (Or have gladly chucked aside)

Some of us wished for a big fat bonus, promotion,better career, and more. But it may be good that we set simple and realistic goals to keep ourselves in track. So here’s mine:

1. Spend more time with those that matter

Your loved ones – Be it your family, close friends, your special other half, even yourself – deserves your attention and time. Most of us are guilty of working overtime, socialising, networking, and participating in many other activities. While many need to fulfil due to work commitments and other factors, let us take a step back and analyse who matters to us at the end of the day.

When was the last time you had a good meal (without checking out who like your ig photo) with your parents? As we grow older, we spend more time out and one fine day, you will come to realise how much your parents have aged. That happened to me one fine day and I realised how time really flies.
Family ties matter and remember, they will always be there for you at the end of the day. Seeing my parents smile whenever I bring them somewhere to eat, makes my heart warm. 🙂

As the saying goes – a friend in need is a friend indeed. Having a few friends beats having a large number of acquaintances, be it good times or bad times. As we progress, we would normally squeeze out some precious time to meet up those few for a good catch-up (or some may call bitching session).

Needless to say, your special other half plays an important role in your life. Investing time in the relationship is investing in yourself.

Last but not least, you are your best company. I love spending me-time especially on a Sunday – I find this is the only free slot I have and shall dedicate this to myself. Often times, we may present alter egos in front of others and slowly lose touch with our real self. Give yourself some time-off.
Indulge in solo activities – travelling solo, dating yourself, be your best shopping consultant, the best movie companion. Though I have done most activities alone, including solo travelling (which will test how well you know yourself), I have not watched a movie alone at all. Perhaps this could be one of my check list items.

2. Treat Yourself Better

When was the last time you went for a spa and good treat? Of course, there’s a fine line between being taking care of oneself and being selfish. Taking of oneself is being responsible as well. Always remember that you need to be well in order to take care of others. Be kind to yourself.

Well, for me, the way I do treat myself better is when I indulge in that cuppa of Toffeenut Latte from Starbucks during its Christmas season – I like to have some me-time in some Starbucks outlets. If you do see me, say hi! 🙂

3. Travel

Some say travelling is the best education. Being a wanderlust, I can’t agree more and would definitely love to explore other unchartered territories in 2016. Travelling a good time to relax and to discover new experience. I like the feeling of being able to locate this particular place whenever I am overseas – I like to accomplish some kind of mission and my friends do wonder if I go there to work or truly relax. Haha. I guess it boils down to individuals and own travelling style. But I do appreciate life more every time I return to our airport and realise how fortunate I am.

4. Healthy Diet

I have never been known as a conscientious eater but with the recent sprout of gourmet and healthy eateries, I am sold and have never look back. I’m not sure if this works for the rest of you but having a low-carb diet really helps me to maintain my weight and shape for dance. Looking good in a salsa outfit is a great challenge!

Besides, I have become more careful with every bite and the consequences of it. Of course, once in a while, it is fine to have some cheat days to reward yourself. Afterall, we are only humans.

5. Fit in Fitness

Besides having regular dance sessions, I have started doing cardio and stretching sessions at home. In addition, have also recently attended a hip hop class (after stopped dancing hip-hop for 9 years, it was a major feat for me.) The aftermath of a good workout session never fails to give me a clear mind on certain issues.

6. Do a Good Job

I would definitely focus more on my new career which I am pretty much psyched up. Besides doing a good job, I also hope to do a good job in other aspects of life – being an attentive girlfriend, being a good friend to my close pals, be motivated to be a better dancer (by stretching more), and hopefully, inspiring others with my passion in life.

Dance off,

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