Cafes To Visit in Bangkok

I’m sure everyone of us love going to Bangkok for a short getaway to indulge in their thai food, massage, shopping and cafe-hopping. Their sprout of cafes have definitely set a trend among its youngsters and the cafe scene is happening than before.

Went there during 2016 countdown with my best friend and we found so much joy eating and exploring the cafes there. Here’s some cafes you may consider visiting while during your vacay in bangkok.

Tips: If you plan to cafe-hop with a day, it would be good to try 1 signature dish per cafe. Spread the lunch, dessert, coffee into 3 different cafes to maximize your cafe experience. (You can’t be eating appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks in 1 cafe – unless you just want to visit that particular one. Or you have a huge stomach.)

1. Mandarin Oriental Shop
Siam Paragon 48, Oriental Ave, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand



You will be spoilt for choices on the variety of cafes and dining places in Siam Paragon. We were attracted by the posh ambience and cute afternoon high tea set and settled for this quickly. Look at the handbags and lipstick! So real and wonder how much effort goes into molding them.

Recommended for girlfriends hangout or a place to chill.

2. Audrey Cafe and Bistro
136/3 Soi 11 Thonglor, Vaddhana, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

This cafe is a sure hit amongst the ladies for its lovely decor and fancy cakes. It is the must-go cafe in Thonglor area! Their famous thai milk tea crepe cake was sold out and we had to settle for Thai Tea Sizzling Roti which was sinfully good!

We took a cab there and the driver just dropped us at the beginning of the street. Spent quite some time locating this place.




My greedy and happy face

The place gets a bit noisy due to the crowd and not a place to stay and chill for long.

A great place for dessert.

3. Vanilla Garden
53 Ekamai Soi 12,Sukhumvit Soi 63 10110, 10110, Thailand

This place is huge. It is like a secret garden hidden somewhere and a mysterious trail for you to walk in. The place is Japanese style and has a bake shop beside it.

Again, another taxi driver dropped us at the start of the street and we walked a long while before locating this… and google map showed this area incorrectly.

Which path will you choose?


This is da bomb! Prawn roe pasta.
Outdoor premises



Lovely ambience and awesome good. Though it comes with a hefty price tag. Recommended for gatherings and dates.

4. Nikko Cafe
30/18 Soi Charoen Chai, Eakkamai 12, Bangkok

This is my favourite till date. The kind of cafe for you to waste the afternoon away, chill with a book, surf with a laptop, indulge in quality me-time.

Can you take me higher?


Alfresco seating at second level

I’ll visit this place if I’m going bangkok again.

Recommended place for chilling and quality me-time for solo travelers.

5. Greyhound Cafe
1F J Avenue Lifestyle Mall, Thonglor Soi 15

A great cafe for those who wants to have a hearty breakfast and to chill out with family or friends. Their spicy pasta was tasty and acts as a filler for in-between meals.


Great place to chill and catch-up with friends.

6. Ink & Lion Cafe

The last cafe we hopped into and we walked like 1.5km just to locate this place. It has an indie vibe and has this strange cozy appeal. This is my bestie’s fave thus far.


Has a chess game with my bestie and I lost by one move!

Great place to chill with your friend and challenge them with this chess game. haha.

I would hope to visit bangkok and explore new cafes real soon! What’s your fave cafes in bangkok then? 🙂