Keisuke Kani King – Crab Broth Ramen

Southeast Asia
I am usually not a fan of ramen but since there is this craze and buzz on a crab broth ramen, I went ahead last week since it is located near my workplace.

It has several versions of soup base for you to choose – clear, rich, spicy. The order sheet is clear and allows for options to tick if you do not want some ingredients in it. You can also choose to add on flavoured eggs as well. it is priced at around $15.90++. The soup is sweet and thick with crab taste. On top of that, you get to enjoy free flow of beansprouts, veggies and hard boiled eggs. I remembered the table beside mine was a table of young boys and they finished the whole basket of eggs! Such good appetite. 
Keisuke – How it looks like
The rich soup version
Top view
The spicy version
I am not sure how long one has to wait in the evening as I have heard there’s usually a long queue. Guess I’m lucky to have this during lunch. It has around 20 over seats and offers a cozy feel to it. I ate this feeling satisfied and full, which lasted me till 8pm as I worked OT. Definitely will come back for another try!
Visit Keisuke for more information.
8 Grange Road#01-¬03 Cathay Cineleisure OrchardSingapore 239695Tel: +65 6262 6968

Recommended for ramen/crab lovers for casual dinner night out

Dance off,

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