Fire Ramen at Shin-Sapporo

Southeast Asia
I was researching what to eat in Somerset on burpple and came across this ramen place named Shin-Sapporo at Orchard Gateway B1. And after reading some reviews online, it was mentioned that their signature dish Fire Ramen was highly recommended and not knowing what it was, I went for it during lunchtime with my friend.

Fire ramen is subjected to availability and I wasn’t sure why but we decided to check it out. The restaurant was relatively empty and the waiteess mentioned that Fire Ramen was available. That is because they have a dedicated area for the ‘show’ and it was evident with the black smoke residue at the ceiling at the counter bar seat.

To my surprise, I can opt to watch the fire ramen after reading their safety guidelines and tying hair and wearing their apron etc. And I thought it was just another ramen eating experience! At first I only wanted to take photo and video of the chef doing but thinking since I’m here already, I should be game on! Haha

So this is how it looks like after the fire is gone. For those who like flavourful ramen, this may not be suitable for you. It has a clear tonkutsu broth taste and I considered this a plain ramen. As you are almost done with the ramen, it gets salty as the broth is more concentrated. $15.80 for their signature dish – Fire Ramen

Overall, it is indeed a dining experience but I don’t think I would return for a second bowl of that. But they do have attractive lunch promo at $8.80++ which officer goers can consider.


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