Casa Verde at Singapore Botanic Gardens

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We decided to check out Botanic Gardens last weekend to break away from the usual town or heartland area hangouts for a change. Decided to check this cafe out – Casa Verde for their breakfast set.

Their cafe has quite a number of seats to cater to tourists and families who want a short rest from the weather. Their menu offers western-styled food and Singapore food such as satay!

I ordered this all-day breakfast at $18, no gst. The standard was surprisingly better than other cafes.

Bf ordered bbq chicken set which comes with 2 sides at $17.50, no gst.

We finished everything on our plate and had a satisfying meal. The service staff were attentive to us and friendly.

Address: Casa Verde at Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road s259569

We walked around and took in the beautiful scenery while a nearby band was playing symphony.

We googled about Singapore Botanic Gardens being UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE – an exceptional British tropical colonial botanic garden in Southeast Asia.
After walking under the sun for 15 minutes, we (lazybums) have to adjourned to a nearby cafe Assembly Coffee hahaha.

Recommended for those who likes a suntan and photographers. Now I understand why so many people like to have photoshoot or videoshoot (did corporate videoshoot here many years ago) as the scenery is awesome and love the bright colours.


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