20 Places to go During Weekend (Part 1)

Have been so busy to blog about my past few weeks of Cafe/Food Finds exploring and all the glorious food! :p

Some of the list are as follows over the past 2 months, which I shall blog it into 2 parts:
Part I
1. Tanuki Raw
2. Ronin
3. Ivory Coffee
4. To-gather Cafe
5. Som Tam 
6. Asanonya
7. The Clueless Goat
8. Craftsman Specialty Coffee
9. The Ramen Stall
10. Necessary Provision
Part II (next blog entry!)
11. Dancing Crab
12. Laneway Market
13. Ice Lab
14. The Coffe Academics
15. Makisan
16. Lady M
17. Sumiya
18. NangFa Thai
19. Koh Grill and Sushi Bar
20. Revolution Coffee

Omg… hope I did not put on weight over this short span of time!
1. Tanuki Raw
We have always wanted to drop by Tanuki Raw to try their donburi and thought their Orchard Central outlet has not yet renovated finished. Thus we went to Kapok outlet and tried their donburi. Personally I like the tranquility of their alfresco seating. 
Bae ordered their Truffle Yakiniku at $18
Black Garlic and Roasted Leek Negitoro at $18
I would rate the food as slightly better than average, but forgettable. And would expect more for that price though. I can’t help but comparing this to The Refinery in terms of value-for-money and its taste. I think The Refinery left me wanting more but not Tanuki Raw for these 2 donburi dishes. 
Nonetheless I would want to try their chirashi and salmon don at their newly opened Orchard Central, being the salmon fanatic. 🙂
Recommended for those who wants to bring their first date to enjoy some personal time over their alfresco seating. 
2. Ronin
Located at 17 Hong Kong Street, can imagine the lunch crowd during weekdays! High ceiling industrial look seems to be the norm for cafes. Bae had the standard scrambled eggs on toast (don’t have the picture coz he devoured that very fast) while I ordered Homemade Granula for a change. Healthy meal. Heehee. 

Homemade Granula at $10
I’m starting to see cafes with standard offerings such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs on toast, savoury waffles etc. The thing that will make a cafe outstanding is its unique offerings. I would categorize Ronin as one of the cafes with standard offerings in terms of brunch. Its homemade granula is surprisingly good and tasty. Didn’t order their famous Wicked Mocha which looks sinfully good. haha. Gonna watch my diet.
Their cafe overall seems dim and would think it appeals as a pub rather than a cafe. Offers a hippie feel and the crowd there is generally in 30s-40s during the weekend.
Recommended for those who want to emo one corner haha.. and great catchup over a cuppa of coffee. 
3. Ivory Coffee
Seems like there’s a sprout of new cafes in CBD area recently! Ivory Coffee is located along 10 North Canal Road along the row of shophousesl near Raffles Place Mac and just opposite OCBC Building. 
Simple and quiet cafe which offers good coffee and tea. Ordered their Passionfruit and Mango Tea and its fragrance is so captivating. Bae ordered the standard latte and gave his stamp of approval. haha. 
Highly recommended for girls weekend hangout, or for some discussion like we did for our Perth Itinerary. 🙂
4. To-gather Cafe
So near my house and brought my parents to try western style breakfast for a change of our 85 market offerings. 
Ordered hazelnut latte, vanilla latte (see the “v” label haha) and cappucinno
Seafood Aglio Olio at $9.90. 

To-gather Big Breakfast at $9.90

This cafe is perfect for family and gatherings, with quotes on their wall. Food here is value-for-money and my mum gave their aglio olio a thumbs-up! Their big breakfast is average but worth the price, I must say. 
Recommended for weekend brunch with family.
5. Som Tam
It is a newly opened Modern Thai Fusion Restaurant located at Orchard Central Level 8. Had lunch there and wow, I am hooked onto their slippery lobster!!!! 
The slippery lobster at $18.80 and the gravy ‘zhap’ is so awesome!

Their After You Toast with Thai Ice Tea ice cream at $8.80

Just had to order Green Curry Chicken 
Their tom yum clear soup has a unique taste to it.. I’m still not sure if I like it though haha
Overall, the great food, especially their slippery lobster and green curry chicken, justify the price. It cost us $22 per pax (3 of us shared the dishes above) and would choose this over pricey Thai food places such as Aroi Dee. 
Recommended for family and gatherings. 
6. Asanonya
I’m sure you would have seen their Facebook ads on their salted egg croissant and latest making of Matcha salted egg croissant! 
Have to take a video of this!

Matcha salted egg croissant 
Had not tried their normal salted egg croissant so can’t compare. But this matcha salted egg croissant is worth every single calories! 
Recommended to all match and salted egg lovers.
7. The Clueless Goat
Located in Novena, this is a hidden gem that offers value-for-money brunch! 
Rancher Eggs on toast with Avocado at $8.50 

British Breakfast Platter that my Bae had. At $14.80

Cozy cafe with reasonably priced food. Their breakfast platter looks like a premium version of Burger King breakfast though. haha. 
Recommended for weekend brunch date and catchup.
8. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
Went to their Siglap V outlet on a rainy afternoon but was worth the trip. 
Countryside feel. But their other outlet at Novena looks more posh in my opinion.

Cafe within
Mandatory shot 

Does he look like their coffee ambassador? 😛

Weekend crowd was packed, great coffee, good vibes.

Recommended for those who likes to work (corner seats with high chairs that faced the roadside), catchup with friends and afternoon tai-tai tea.

9. The Ramen Stall

Visited this halal store twice, with my first visit to try their Volcano ramen!

Their volcano ramen which got me teary-eyed halfway through.

Second visit was with my ex-colleagues (Interned at Euromonitor before and wow, we still kept in touch after so many years!)


Our hungry and happy faces

Overall, their ramen is good but their barachirashi don was a disappointment.
Recommended for family and friends gatherings.

10. Necessary Provision

This cafe is inaccessible. But it reminds me of those Bangkok cafes which is hidden and hard to reach. Love this cafe and is one of my favourite cafe list now. 🙂 My bae researched and found this hidden gem and he’s so proud of this! haha.

Didn’t manage to capture a shot of their coffee/tea but I’m sold with their cafe settings – rustic feel and we sat there for hours.

Recommended for those who wants a respite from city area and good for dates.

Alright, shall continue Part 2 next time and stay tuned for my next blog entry!

Till then. XX