AEIOU cafe

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Have so busy recently that there’s some cobwebs here. More cafehopping awesome places to share! Shall share part 2 of previous post soon..

AEIOU is located along the stretch of car workshops – the first one is The Refinery and the last being AEIOU. It may take quite some time for those to locate as the signboard is not so prominent.

Interior of AEIOU
Their whole chicken was tender and value-for-money at approx. $36. It was really filling for us and got us full till late evening.

Their avocado coffee is a must-try drink! It is served with expresso separately, to mix it with avocado smoothie! 🙂 Their thai iced coffee is definitely not for the faint-hearted.. really strong. Their avocado coffee is priced at $8.00 but worth every cents.

My bae cutting up the chicken. Overall, it was a great place to chill for a weekend catch-up with friends or a perfect place for dates in this indie cafe. Shall drop by again soon for its avocado coffee..


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