The last quarter of 2016

Reading got me writing again.

Back from a hiatus and guess I was busy and lazy to write. I know I have said this before but time flies too fast. And now we are at the last quarter of 2016 and gonna sail past it soon.
Now it’s the time to take out that 2016 resolutions (hope that piece of paper is still around somewhere) and look through what’s done and what’s the ambitious undone ones.

2016 was a turning point for me, in terms of many aspects – family, career, dance. Many a times you would only witness a change in you after a major incident that has happened. August was tough for me. Yes something had happened and I was living like a zombie, getting by day-to-day; imagine going to the hospital every single day. But I know what I’m going through can’t be compared to the patient itself. I realised I neglected my home (there’s a difference between a house and a home btw) and I wasn’t paying enough attention to it. The turning point got me doing housework that I have never done before in 30 years of my life. Yes I’m embarrassed to type this but better late than never ya. Don’t judge me. 🙂

Where was I? Alright, August was indeed a trying period and not to mention the performance that took place at the same time. Glad that we put on an awesome show. Every training I learnt something new; especially when my mind connects with body. Have been dancing salsa for close to 6 years and always feel I have so much more to improve.

10 months into my new job and I can truly say I love it. Never would I imagine myself to be doing social media and I’m grateful for every opportunity that leads me to where I am today. Of course the learning curve was steep but the journey is worth it.

So in a few more hours time, it will be November; 2 more months left for 2016. Gonna keep on dancing and living life to the fullest.

Dance off,