Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

SG cafes/places, SG Foodie

Having lived in the east side for so long, you probably won’t believe it when I said I have not visited this traditional Chin Mee Chin Confectionery at Siglap. This cafe reminds me of Bangkok On Lok Yun in terms of their store ambience and setting. Of course, I just had to take a picture of their vintage floor tiles.

I’m not sure if their kaya butter toast is the best but it is certainly different from the rest. The crowd was packed during weekday lunch hour and can’t imagine what would it be like during weekend! But I can understand why – Awesome toast, great price, hearty meal.

Their bakery pastries seem to be popular among the patrons as well, so much so that once the freshly-baked ones are out, it will be quickly snapped up fast. Only managed to secure this cupcake with chocolate icing.

Shared table with this young couple and they enjoyed every bit of it. Grab your buddies or parents to enjoy this traditional breakfast this weekend!

Location: 204 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428903


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