Hong Kong Trip – 9 places to eat

Honululu egg tart
When it comes to Hong Kong, what’s the first food that comes to your mind? Roast goose, char siew, egg tarts, scrambled eggs, milk tea, dim sum, and the list goes on. I had the opportunity to indulge in all these awesome food during my recent work trip.
1. Honululu Coffee Shop
An old school cha chaan teng that is well known for its fluffy and tasty egg tarts with soft, crispy crust. Get ready to get messy while eating it as the flakes will just drop off with every bite. I was really full by then and only had the capacity to squeeze in this egg tart and it was worth. I prefer this to Tai Cheong one as I usually prefer thicker, softer crust.

2. Dim dim sum
26-28 Man Wui St, Jordan, KowloonHong Kong, China

This was the first stop we headed to once my colleagues and I landed in Hong Kong. 

The dim sum spread
Isn’t this cute? Liusha bao
Standard order whenever you eat dim sum


Poluo bao
We ordered the wrong type of egg and had to order the scrambled egg on top of all these..


Their signature scrambled egg toast!
You may see this posting of their signature cup often on Instagram


We ordered their signature custard filled piggy shaped buns, custard “liusha” oozing out with every bite. The orange yam bao was pipin’ hot and awesome! 
3. Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong


Right after dim dim sum, we headed to Australia Dairy Co. It was ambitious of us and our stomach was feeling full slowly. But for the greatness of food, we persisted on our journey! haha.
A packed cha chaan teng and super efficient waiters, we were pressurized to order asap and we ordered the sunny side up instead of scrambled egg – in chinese, the cooking style of the eggs sounded the same. When our order came, we had to go instagram and show them the picture of scrambled egg toast! LOL I swear I had never felt so full before. 
4. Yee Shun Milk Company
63 Pilkem St, Jordan, Hong Kong
We took a stroll at Temple Street (not too long a stroll as Yee Shun is just behind Australian Dairy haha) before we adjourned to our next destination. OMG, yes more food after eating dim sum and scrambled egg toast. 



Ordered my personal favourite of red bean with steamed milk. I totally agree when they said when it comes to dessert, your stomach has a different compartment for it – There’s always room for dessert! The steamed milk was silky smooth and probably the best I have ever eaten thus far. *thumbs-up* Surprised that I still survived after eating all these. 
5. Tsui Wah Restaurant
15-19 Wellington St, CentralHong Kong, China
You will prolly see this everwhere you go with their franchise all over Hong Kong. Their yuan yang is worth trying, both iced and hot version. Other than that, their food is pretty decently priced and promises good standard.



6. Kam’s Roast Goose
Po Wah Commercial Centre, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
We took a cab ride to try this famous roast goose and was worth the long and expensive ride. This is probably the only good stuff they served as other dishes were expensive and unimpressive.
8. Lan Fong Yuen
2 Gage St, Central, Hong Kong
Took me 1 hour to locate this as I got lost between the Shueng Wan and Central outlet. Small and packed place. Their pork chop burger and milk tea were worth it.
9. Seorae
3/F, 477-481 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
This is a major turning point for me that I fell in love with raw beef! Unforgettable experience and have cravings for beef eversince. You will walk out smelling BBQ but this korea bbq restaurant offers fresh meat but do note that it is expensive.
Here are some of my other food expeditions in Hong Kong. You can walk into any authentic eateries and try their roast duck, char siew, dim sum. More often than not, they serve cheap and good stuff.



Went to this Beans cafe at Tsuen Wan to try their rainbow latte and lava toast! Tried to make the lava flow out nicely but fail! lol




Healthy meals, anyone?


Don;t you just love their buildings?

For those who want to explore their cafes there, I would say their cafe culture is not strong and only tried these 3 – Brew Bros Coffee, Cafe Deadend, The Cupping Room


Busy streets of Hong Kong.. it is all about the walking and climbing.



If you have extra time, you can visit Disneyland too!


Of course, bring some jenny cookies home for your family, friends and colleagues and they would be overjoyed with the taste of these delish cookies!