Tokyo in Autumn Part 1

Back from a wonderful Tokyo trip.. I finally had a good experience of witnessing Japan in autumn instead of spring. Though I have been sick since Day 1 of my trip (yes it sucks) but it has not decreased the fun of it. The sole purpose of the trip is to travel with my BFF and to catch those pretty and awesome Gingko and Maple leaves. I would say having witness Japan in spring and autumn, both sakura and autumn leaves were pretty. Both has its own unique beauty which is captivating. So glad I have my BFF with me. 🙂

For those who have asked me which device did I use to take these photos, I was only using my newly-bought Xiaomi Redmi 3s! Which totally exceeded my expectations.

The start of the trip was awesome. Received a call from airline that my flight was overbooked and they wanted me to change to an earlier flight with $400 cash compensation on the spot! omg… imagine my joy!

BFF and I stayed at this hotel – Granbell Shibuya and it was a good choice. There were abundant food choices, 5 minutes away from Shibuya crossing… what more can I ask?

First meal would be this beef tongue meal which cost only 1000 yen! I then headed to Harajuku for sightseeing and a mission to try Luke Lobster.


Beef tongue set
The sight that greeted me at Harajuku
Entrance of Harajuku


Caught this amazing sight of Gingko!

Found this Luke Lobster some distance from Harajuku and there was a long queue. However, it only took me 25 minutes to get my paws on the lobster roll! It cost only 900 yen for their regular lobster roll.



Look at the chunky meat!

Dinner time was meet-up with my fellow Japanese colleague and she brought me to this amazing place beside Shibuya Starbucks (Seibu building) which is located at Level 8. Picture below only shows round 1 of our order! :p



Second day, it was another mission to go to the famous Midori Sushi at Shibuya Mark City. Though it states that the operating hours start from 11am, there was a long queue at that time already! Total damage was only around 25sgd.


Waited 1 hour.. can’t wait for my turn!
That fatty tuna is the bomb


9 slices of sashimi down my stomach within minutes!

Second day was a trip to Asakusa! So glad we reserve this kimono package which include a good selection of kimono to choose and includes hair styling as well. We soon became a ‘tourist attraction’ as well when we start getting photo taking requests.  

BFF and I


Second half of the day would be a visit to the sea aquarium, which coincides with an art gallery. The jellyfish is so cute and just staring at it made me feel at ease.




That’s all for today… shall continue part 2 soon. 🙂