Sydney Trip February 2017

Birthday this year was well spent in Sydney.

First time there and I have gotten ready my bucket checklist of places to go! So excited doe this trip that I fell sick right on the first day… which makes me wonder why do I alwasy fall sick right at the start of my trips?

I took some fever meds after the plane just took off, thinking I will get a good night’s sleep for this red eye flight. I was totally wrong. Turned out that the fever pill was too strong for me and I started to experience some side effects of it, which gave me a nasty experience. Didn’t catch much wink and I was zombified.

We stayed at city area and managed to book Fraser Suites hotel at a super good rate, thanks to my bae for monitoring the hotel room rates. As a rule of thumb, it is good to book just 2 weeks before the date and you will realise the hotel room rates drop like crazy. It was 400 over per night and it dropped till 200+ per night. So worth it!

Anyway after the 3 bites, I went back to hotel and concussed till it was almost night time. And I felt much better thereafter. Have cravings for asian food and here we are at this place named BBQ king.

View from our hotel -Fraser Suites

We then walked to the nearby Darling Harbour and had a quiet stroll.




That was all for day 1. The next day, we were all geared up for Grounds of Alexandria!!! Booked this lovely place in advance (Yes kiasu me) and I’m so ready to upload all the photos onto my IG. 😀

Transport is certainly not cheap here. Our 1-way transport from the airport set us back at AUD17.90. Travelling from station to a few more stations easily cost another few bucks.

The Grounds of Alexandria is located at an industrial place but still a walkable distance from Green Square Station. And this place is huge. They have many different sections of seating area for patrons to choose.

After finishing our lunch indoor, we then had our latte at the alfresco garden area. The place looks slighlty worn down (because of the unkempt plants here and there) and simply too huge a place for maintenance. It looks different from their website photos. But nonetheless, still a pretty and instagram-worthy place.

This #mdsootd pic won me $50 voucher! My bae has a talent for photography! #InstagramBoyfriend

Next stop, Sydney Opera House. The weather was so, so, so hot.

And I kept wanting to climb the Harbour Bridge after much walking. haha.
But before that, we had to try this famous 24-hour pancake place!

We were still ambitious and ready to explore more…

Hyde Park Archibald Fountain And yes we retreated to our hotel for a good rest at the jacuzzi!

 To end my birthday with a bang, we went for Korean BBQ. And boy, was my appetite back.

Day 3 was Bondi Beach day! But before that, coffee please.
The coffee prices there generally are cheaper than ours – approximately AUD3-4 and you get to indulge in a good cuppa of latte. However, their breakfast cost around AUD 11-13 for a eggs and toast.




Took a bus from a bus stop near Town Hall station; the ride took around 25 minutes.

Went to Bondi Icebergs bar for a drink before heading to the lower deck for some food.

The most popular spot that everyone waits – for the sea wave to come and make a big splash. After 1 splash, I was out of here! Too cold omg.

It was raining intermittently and took us a while before we set off to explore further down.

Headed back for some sushi.

Next day, it was off to Chinese Garden of Friendship and Cockatoo Island!

A 3-min walk from our hotel, here we arrive.


We managed to find a good lunch deal of AUD 10 each for some korean food (more kimchi pls!)before we jet off for Cockatoo island.

Cockatoo island is an UNESCO World Heritage Site which used to operated as a convict penal establishment. Thereafter, it became one of the most important Australia shipyard.

Every corner is literally instagram-worthy. Photos galore ahead.

This corner whereby some convicts were isolated here.

Rained heavily again and we sat at this bench, savouring the view.


As you can see, our breakfast is almost the same everyday. haha, but healthy in a way.


Tried this award winning coffee place named Bluebird, which was conveniently located beneath our hotel.

Braced ourselves for the long journey to Blue Mountains!


And so we began the trail to the three sisters.

We then continued to the other side of trail for trekking which took us 1 hour.



So we missed the last bus by 1 hour and basically we were stranded. Had to walk back the 1 hr trail to the station. Thankfully, a couple drove past us and gave us a ride back to the station which took less than 5 minutes! If not, guess he has to piggyback me. :p

Last day, eggs benedict for breakfast at another nearby café.

Tried Toby Estate’s coffee at this hole-in-the-wall café.



Explored nearby Sydney Town Hall Concert Hall and dropped by Queen Victoria Building again.




 Had our last meal at this highly raved place named Devon café. I loved their salmon spinach salad!!!




Miss Sydney a lot but I guess I would love to explore Melbourne next!