An open letter to myself in 20s

Prying away the cobwebs that’s building up here. How’s everyone doing? 🙂

You will probably make a LOT of mistakes. In any aspects of your life. But made them anyway. This is how you learn, feel, experience, live for yourself.Been so caught up with so many things and realize life is too short for me to hold onto something that is no longer making me happy. If there’s no growth, you just got to move on. At some point of my life, I would think to myself what I would become 1 year later, 3 years later, 5 years, 10 years? And now that I looked back, this is what I would tell my young self in 20s.


– You got to thank your lucky stars that your job-hopping in 20s will land you an awesome job in the end. So job-hop, explore, and learn anyway. Always go with your gut feel if you wanna go out of your comfort zone. Life begins at the end of it, remember?

– You will spend a lot on clothes but then you will ultimately realize what is your own personal, unique style – note that it is pointless to follow fashion trends that make you look hilarious.

– You will lose few of your friends that you deemed trustworthy. But it’s ok to be disappointed and hurt. Because you will learn to see who are truly your friends that will be there for you, be it ups and downs.

– You will meet nasty people who put you down, strip you off your confidence, and whats-nots. But you will learn that they behave this way because they are insecure and perhaps stuck in their own world.

– You will slowly learn to let things go instead of wasting your time and energy to make broken things work.

– You will realize your smoky eye make-up that you like to put on daily, makes you look like you have serious dark eye circles. So, drop it.

– You will realize nothing is more important than family.

– Your music taste will change drastically from Britney Spears to indie songs like Coldplay, Keane and Suede.

– You will learn to save and understand that it will be of better use such as owning a private property.

–  You will stop going to bars/pubs to chill with friends and become a cafe addict and foodie! But don’t forget to stay slim to fit into those dresses.

– You will learn to celebrate endings because endings are necessary, and you will experience freedom eventually.

And I can’t wait what my 30s will unfold.