Marble Bistro – A hidden gem in Everton Park

SG cafes/places, SG Foodie

So my partner in crime jio me to this place for some fine food. Located at Everton Park, this bistro oozes a cozy yet quaint feel in this Neighbourhood. Of course as its name suggest, the cafe is decked in marble decor.


We had the dinner 7 course tasting set at $38 and their starter was a delicacy – mushroom macchiato. It’s rich in mushroom essence with truffle foam and it’s definitely a fave among mushroom lovers.

The kueh pie tee has crab filings that leave you wanting for 1 more of it.
The prawn pot noodles with the onsen egg was flavourful. It contains bacon bits and dried seaweed, before that the waiter kindly poured this tsuyu broth into it.
I had their pork jowl while bestie had beef flank steak. Steak was tender but I prefer the pork jowl anytime with its rich and succulent taste and texture.
The dessert was chocolate brownie with fig and manaka honey ice cream. Thumbs up!
Social media at work! Haha


Another place to bring your hot date to impress him/her.

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