Le Castella Cake at Tampines One

Le Castella Cake 古早味蛋糕

No, I didn’t queue at all to buy this or waited 3 hours. I was around Tampines area and happened to drop by to see what was all the hype about it and sure enough, there were people hovering around to wait to place their order at the next available timing. Literally standing there waiting for 4.00pm to come and I was there at 3.15pm.

So I checked with the guy at the counter how does this work and he said order to be placed at 4pm, which was the next available timing and had to wait while the cakes are being baked. Being a foodie, I wanna try this Japanese sponge cake and decided to try my luck at the cashier and asked if there’s any available cakes for me to buy. And thankfully, there’s cheese version available for me to buy! Today is my lucky day haha. Can’t believe I got it fresh from the oven!

They have original and cheese version (and upcoming chocolate) and are priced $9.90 and $11.90 respectively. They keep having fresh batches out and you can see the smoke coming out while they cut it. And the cake jiggles!

And after I have gotten it, I grabbed home immediately (thank you Grab for your promo code) and my parents and I feasted on it while it’s still piping hot.


My verdict: I’m a great fan of all things buttery. This cheese version enhances the taste of the cake because the buttery taste was not as much as I wanted it to be. Comparing to a normal butter cake from a Neighbourhood bakery store, the buttery taste can be more flavourful. I’m not sure how the original version will fare if there’s no cheese inside though. In terms of texture, I like the softness and the crust of it. I would recommend to try this as soon as its out from the oven to complete the overall eating experience. The after taste of it is alright, not too heaty like what some butter cakes can cause one to feel. Perhaps they can consider having a cafe for this? It goes well with a cup of tea/coffee and customers can enjoy it while it’s piping hot.