Yayoi Kusama – Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

The exhibition of Yayoi Kusama – Life is the Heart of the Rainbow was opened to public from Jun 9 – Sept 3. As usual, the first weekend was packed with tons of people. Thankfully bf purchased the tickets online so we won’t have to queue 2 hours just to purchase the admission tickets (General Admissions with Yayoi Kusama Exhibition – Life is the Heart of the Rainbow entry at $15)

On a hindsight, I would have purchased the Gallery Insider membership (1 year) to have the priority access at $30 and it would have saved a lot of queuing time. Imagine you need to queue to enter the gallery, and then queue again to see few popular spots such as the Infinity Mirrored Room. And after much queuing, you’ve got only 20 secs (not the 30 secs stated on the stand) when someone asked the Uncle with the stopwatch.
I think out of the 3 hours we were spent there, half of the time we were queuing. Yes it’s true.
Some things you may want to take note:
1. Wear as comfortable as possible, no heels coz you will die queuing and standing the whole day
2. The admission timing for Sun – Thurs is 10am – 7pm.
3. The admission timing for Fri and Sat is 10am – 10pm.
4. The 6pm admission time slot may only allow you to finish queuing one part of Yayoi Sukama exhibition.
5. Good to bring water bottle along to quench your thirst
6. You need at least 3 hours to properly view all galleries (for the paid ones)
Bf and I reached there early to try out the coffee at Gallery and Co. It is boutique cafe which sells merchandise from the various artists and specifically Yayoi Kusama menu specials, especially the pumpkin-shaped cake which looks too cute to eat.
The cafe portion of Gallery and Co. I particularly like the alfresco area as there’s a clear view of the field and part of the city skyline (including MBS)



Here’s a few glimpse of the other side of Gallery and Co.


Thereafter at 4pm, we began our first stop of exhibition which was Gallery A – Kusama’s Infinity Nets and The Spirits of Pumpkins Descended into the Heavens. No photography was allowed for some areas but there will be that few museum-goers that will still take photos of the paintings. Even if the no photography sign is staring back at them. Doesn’t help that they did not do it discreetly and you can hear the camera clicking sound max volume… -_-

I like this distinctive yellow and black whimsical art installation of this illusion effect. The good thing about going to museums is that there will be people posing for photos and you get inspiration from them. They are good photosgraphers (possibly awesome instagrammers) when you approached them to take photos.


Next was Gallery B – Infinity Mirrored Room and Song of Manhattan Suicide Addict. The queue was snaking from one corner to another corner which I reckoned we spent 30 mins queuing just to get in, to join another queue.


The queue to get into the infinity mirrored room whereby you only get 20 secs. Though the stand stated 30 secs, we overheard the Uncle with stopwatch saying the time limit was 20 secs. We queued twice coz we totally didn’t have enough time for the first round and we ‘strategize’ after that. Haha.
By then it was already 6pm and we were left with 1 hour before the gallery closure. Gallery C – With all My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever, and Life is the Heart of a Rainbow. The room installation is filled with repeated forms of colourful dots.
We managed to view some paintings and enjoyed this amazing infinity again. There’s something therapeutic about this lights.
Lastly, we went to view more paintings – Life is the Heart of a Rainbow.
Any resemblance? Haha
We entered into a room filled with metal balls next, in which metal balls are placed in precise location. No touching allowed.

Not sure why am I squatting but I was tired of standing.

With only half an hour’s time left, we went on to explore other areas.
Yes, you need to queue to take a photo with dreamy cloud.
Visitors can pen down their wishes on these coloured ribbons and tie them with the rest. I call this the ‘wishing space’.
Last stop was Children’s Biennale section – The Obliteration Room filled with colourful dot stickers! I got giddy just seeing the whole surroundings.. what a beautiful mess.
Again, not sure what I was doing here with the cup.

So tired at the end of the 3 hour and I wondered did I just visit the museum or went hiking..
And that’s a wrap! I wished I had more time (not to queue but to view) and I have missed out one segment of the colourful balloons (Homogenising and Transforming World).
I’ll definitely come back to this awesome place to take time to appreciate the exhibits here.
Visit www.nationalgallery.sg for more information! Good Luck 🙂