Antoinette Queen’s Castella Cake

Food Trends, SG Foodie

Castella cake fans, anyone?

Jumping on to the latest castella cake bandwagon, Antoinette  has launched its Queen’s castella cake collection. Consisting of 6 flavours- Ondeh Ondeh, Vanilla, Vanilla Cheese, Earl Grey, Earl Grey Cheese, Nutella. Only managed to try Vanilla Cheese and Earl Grey Cheese as the rest were sold out at Penhas outlet.

Comparing to Le Castella cake, it is less bouncier and minimal spongy-feel. But the texture of the cake was better and my folks actually preferred this. Got the Vanilla Cheese at $11 and Earl Grey Cheese at $15 (before GST). The price for its plain Vanilla is the cheapest at $8. Worth it in my opinion.

I would definitely try these flavours again but not before I try ondeh ondeh and Nutella. What’s your take on Antoinette’s modern twist on its castella cake?

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