Bali – Ubud Swing

My recent Bali trip was really packed but fun. One of the main factors that triggered me to go to this trip was this Ubud Swing.
I saw some IG posts on this and was wondering where is this swing located. Yes it looks daunting. But all of us like some excitement in our life right?
So I did some extensive research on Google and Instagram and found that it’s located at this airbnb place named Zen Hideaway. It’s in Ubud and I was thinking to myself, let’s go there since it’s just less than 3 hours flight away from Singapore. But the journey there proved to be long – my fren and I stayed at Seminyak and we hired a chauffeur to drive us there for a day trip.

We waited for around 30 minutes before it’s our turn. And we witnessed a lady who slipped off and hang onto the swing with both arms before she took off. Fortunately her friends and her driver helped her up. She was saying that the platform was slippery and it didn’t help she was wearing slippers. So we got it, barefoot is the way to go.

Zen Hideaway

Seated on these 2 swings before the actual one… needed some practice?

When it’s our turn, it started to rain. But we were undeterred. I went on first and my mind was just blank. No safety harness and it didn’t help that I have short legs ya. But another housekeeper was there to manage the swing which gave us an added sense of security.
Here we go! Thanks to the housekeeper for looking over us.

So Glad we did it! Quite an memorable experience for us and our driver was surprised we made it back haha. He asked us if we are sure we want to do this beforehand… Guess he didn’t have enough confidence on us lol.

Overall, this is recommended for those who plan to travel in Bali and would love a bit of excitement in their itinerary. There’s good reviews on this place of Zen Hideaway too if you are thinking of staying there. Have received some enquiries on how to get here. Basically it’s located at this airbnb place named Zen Hideaway. You don’t have to book this place to use the swing. We messaged them and they gave us a time to use. I believe it’s the same window period for outsiders to use the swing before their guests check-in. It cost around 250,000idr per pax, allowing 30 minutes usage. But trust me, you will be off the swing after a while. 🙂