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Lunch at The Botanist

So we had lunch at this shophouse-styled cafe named The Botanist, which we saw when we had our desserts at Epiphyte. Another garden-theme cafe, it has alfresco seating at level 1 and indoor seating at level 2. The alfresco seating offers a more laidback kind of vibes but we were perspiring like mad after a while. But it is IG-worthy.

Here’s a snippet of The Botanist.

Helmed by the same team for Pacamara Boutique Coffe Roasters, their coffee is a must-try, and reasonably-priced at $5.

Their shakshuka (baked eggs) is priced at $19. One of the better tasting baked eggs that I have tasted recently. The best thing is that there’s no additional service charge or GST and the price you see is nett.



At their side door, there’s wall art which (needless to say) attracted a lot of people to take their OOTDs. And that includes us! haha.


Shampoo ad



Trying out some shots and few turned out hilarious…




Highly recommended for ladies to chill over the weekend for a brunch.



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