The Pursuit Of Life

In a few weeks time, I’m gonna be a year older. As each birthday passes by, I’m getting more and more aware of time lost and unrecovered, but unsure of what the future holds for me. And then I would wonder what’s gonna happen 10, 20, 30 years down the road? The realization hits me more when someone recently mentioned this – “It’s scary to know that you work everyday and then you go through the motion of it. One fine day when you wake up in your 50s/60s and want to retire (if you can), all the time is lost and you can’t re-live your life again.”

It kind of struck me but then again, this is the harsh reality of life. How many of us can really lead a #YOLO or #HOBO life and really relax one corner and enjoy life? There are commitments to meet, for some people, mouths to feed, the loans to service etc. Even if you choose to lead a carefree lifestyle or decide to become the next travel influencer, you need a lot of courage to defy societal norms or perhaps die trying.

For some, it is the time to carve a niche in career, own that house (because it is THE next stage in life and you must do it), get married because everyone seems to be doing it, strive to attain something so that your life seems accomplished or meet up with your friends to see if either of you had out-done one another. I’m sick of meeting up with some people who usually wants to compare this and that and I’m not sure if they are genuinely happy for me. I have already stroked off quite a bit of them and avoid meeting them. Only if they become normal again. Life is not a competition and definitely not a blind pursuit.

I used to be obsessed with a lot of things because I have this ‘Achiever’ trait after I did the strength-finder personality test – I must do this and that and achieve those goals etc. But the realization sinks in when I start to question if certain things are still important to ME and me only. Not because others think it is important or according to those stupid societal norms.

Well having said that, having goals are still a healthy move towards a fulfilling life or marking milestones. But now I’ll only plan and do those goals, only if they have meaning for me and if that’s what I want and I’m happy with it. Not because I want to impress some people who does not even matter in my life. But I know that humility has never been my strongest trait though. 🙂

Though I can’t possibly lead a #HOBO life, I hope to do something happy for myself everyday which does not need to be something grand. Drink that cuppa of latte, indulge in that ice cream (which I still can’t seem to do it), buy that dress or shoes (oh man I can do this well), eat that sashimi, visit that cafe, and most importantly, reconnect with myself. Reconnecting with myself would be the goal for me from now onwards.

Now, give me that cuppa of latte while I wanderlust on my upcoming travel destinations. 😀