Bali Trip – Ubud

Bali is an amazing place. I would find myself going back again and again, exploring different places and re-visiting old ones. My recent trip there includes 5d4n in Ubud and Seminyak and this entry would feature mainly Ubud. Hope it helps for those planning to go there.

We stayed at Kupu Kupu Barong which is 10-mins drive away from Ubud city centre. It has an awesome breakfast from their restaurant La View.

Right after breakfast, we set off to Wanagiri Hills. We booked a driver via a well-written blog and contacted the driver named Agus. it was prolly one of the best decisions made in this trip. He was very helpful in giving us tips on where to go, and he has an awesome photography skills too. I would highly recommend you to engage his services and you and your IG acct will be in safe hands.
His IG acct: @agoesmoeliadi

Our first stop was Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. I have always seen this picture used by most travel sites but now I can finally say I have been here! We were blessed with beautiful weather = super hot and clear blue skies.

Agus even knew there’s a rock underneath the place I’m sitting and instruct me to sit here for an IG-worthy spot. *Thumbsup*
We then went to nearby Handara golf club and to our surprise, now they charge entrance fee just to take photo at this Handara Gate. Clever business tactic as tourist will just pay for the nominal fee to go and snap that IG photo and leave. That’s us haha.

Thereafter, we went further up north and explored Wanagiri Hills. The locals have recently built some IG-worthy spots – The bird nest, swing etc and they charge a nominal entrance fee for visitors who wish to enter and take photos. As you drive along, you can see a whole stretch of locals imitating one another and building the same nest and swing.

We stopped over at Twin Lake to have lunch at a local eatery, admiring the scenery. Next, we went to Banyumala Waterfalls and we survived a steep hike – we were totally not properly dressed haha. We had to drive in a 3km narrow path only to stop at the entrance before we began the hike down. Well, the journey was worthwhile at the end.
Before sunset, we went to cafe pomegranate for light snacks before we went to Campuhan Ridge Walk to catch sunset. We were deliberating between cafe pomegranate and sari organik but it seems like more and more villas are being built around the rice fields. Till now cafe pomegranate still offers the best unobstructed view so far.
There was a large crowd at Campuhan Ridge Walk with everyone snagging the hottest IG spots. After sunset, we went back to Ubud City Centre to have dinner at Clear Cafe.
At Ubud traditional markets, you can find alot of straw bags and souvenirs. For those who wants to own a straw bag, usually the sellers will quote you 400,000 rupiah (SGD 40), which I had bargained to SGD 20. I suppose that is the price you should be paying for the straw bags.
For spa and massage places, we tried Sang Spa 2 for 1.5 hr full body massage at SGD30 (after tax) and it is more of a upscale massage place. If you just want a good massage, any massage place you see along the main stretch of Ubud City centre should be fine;  the only difference would be the cleanliness and vibes of the spa place. The massage technique is mostly the same. On our second night in Ubud we tried Tirtha Wangi Spa, which is one of the massage places along the city centre. We had 2.5 massage package at SGD25 per pax which includes body massage, scrub, foot massage, floral bath, fruits and drink.
Before our massage at Trirha Wangi Spa
Third morning, Kupu Kupu surprised me with a birthday cake during breakfast! 🙂 They have great customer service. We went to visit Ubud Palace and had our coffee fix at Anomali Coffee.

We then set off to Tegallalang rice terraces which was a 25-min drive away from city centre. We endured another cardio workout lol going down and climbing up to get some shots under the sorching hot sun at noon time. Well, we were beyond sunkissed and sun burnt. We then settled for lunch at Teras Padi Cafe. 🙂

In summary, Ubud offers more sightseeing such as padi fields, waterfalls which has proven to be a good getaway and working nomads stationed there. Transport wise, it’s more expensive as compared to that of Seminyak as the local drivers would quote a fixed price while the latter (Blue Bird Taxi in Seminyak) goes by meter fare. Food-wise, Ubud is definitely cheaper compared to Seminyak.
Will plan for a trip back to Bali real soon.