Seminyak – 7 Cafes To Go

Another entry on Bali… but this time is on Seminyak. Just a few hours away from Singapore, Bali is really a good place for a perfect getaway. If you are looking for chic and hip cafes, getting a relaxing massage, sunset view at a beach, then Seminyak is the place to go.

For first-timers researching the places to go in Seminyak, you can refer to this list:

1. Nook Café for lunch
2. Motel Mexicola for afternoon snacks (You can go there at night again and it’s a totally different vibe)
3. Sea Circus for dinner (Cozy and chill vibes. Must take a shot at its entrance door)
4. Bodyworks spa (Must book this!) Highly recommend for its scrub and massage in a private room for 2.
5. Sisterfields Café for breakfast
6. Revolver Café for coffee
7. Potato Head Club (Sunset view)
8. La Laguna for dinner 
9. Sundari Spa (Must Book)
10. Mad Pops (For some IG worthy shot with their ice-cream)
11. Re-Day Spa (For cheap and good massage)
12. Merah Putih (Fine dining at its best)
13. Kynd Community
Here’s sharing some of the places:
1. Nook cafe
Their Nasi Campur had great reviews but I always order their smoothie bowl.
This was how Nook Cafe looked like when I was there last year in July. It still offers good view then but not anymore when there’s buildings sprouting around it. It is still a good place to rest and relax for first-timers.
2. Motel Mexicola
This is an IG-worthy haven. Every corner promises the best background for you to InstaSpam. haha.
Usually I’ll drop by for some afternoon snacks and whereby there’s lesser crowd to take some decent OOTD shots. I heard it has its own beauty at night.
3. Sea Circus
You would have seen this colourful pic on your IG feed and wonder where exactly it is. Just across Motel Mexicola, near Bodyworks Spa, and 5 mins walk from the beach, is Sea Circus. It has extended further to a new colourful shop named Neon Palms, just beside it. Would have loved to try Neon Palms but was still under renovation.
It offers a wide range of healthy food – acai bowl, healthy bowl with tons of avocado, tacos, fruit juices and protein smoothies. This place is usually packed with crowd during dinner time.
4. Revolver Expresso
For those rock punks and badass vibes. Few minutes walk from Sisterfields cafe, you can get a cuppa of coffee after solid breakfast at Sisterfields. Their outer seating area offers this indie vibes which has the best light somehow for a series of candid shots. They have non-smoking and smoking area; with different segments/themes for all.
5. Sisterfields Cafe
Second time here for brekkie, same order for their shakshuka eggs! This time we were given ‘alfresco’ seating area. It is on a pricier range which will set you back around SGD25-30 for a main course and coffee.
6. Kynd Community
This newly opened vegan cafe is the next IT place for everyone to hang out during breakfast. Verdict of their food: I think I may take some time to get used to vegan food.
7. Merah Putih
This place is more of a fine dining restaurant rather than a cafe. Advance reservation is needed and this is a good place to spend anniversaries and date nights. I personally requested this place to have my birthday dinner. 🙂
Last but not least, if you are craving for some fine dessert, try Mad Pops! There were few people in the stores queuing to get this IG shot.
Hope this entry is useful and will be back with more adventure updates!