Canada + US Travelogue Part 3 Washington DC

When planning this trip, NYC was the main highlight of it and I was thinking where else to go. To be honest, I was not excited to plan Washington DC and that I included it because it was along the way. Boy, was I wrong. I love Washington DC.

Firstly, I love how the cleanliness, how family-oriented the place is, and tranquil feel that it exudes wherever you go. Imagine jogging through a park with a view of Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Monument and more. The roads are clean and always a joy to see families strolling with their pram. There’s a lot of variety of healthy eating options and seem to be the norm. If you are looking for excitement and happenings in a city, then this may not be the place for you. Of course, all of these are just my impression during my short 4 days encounter here.

We took a domestic flight from Buffalo airport to Ronald Reagan Washington Airport which was a 1 hour flight. We stayed at The Architect Hotel which apparently was so new that none of the Uber drivers know the hotel. It is conveniently located 5 mins walk away from the White House so no complaints. As we arrived late afternoon, we decided to visit Monument and White House before calling it a day.

Standing beside the Monument makes me feel so insignificant somehow. The view was amazing with the sunset in the background.

And we wondered where the ducks come from? There were abundance of them roaming the park.

And we had dinner at this Korean bibibamp place which offers another healthy eating option. The portion was so full that we could only finish half of it despite us being so famished.

Next day, we booked the hippo bus tour (which was a horrible mistake coz taking uber is so much faster and cheaper) and we went several places at one go. Our first stop would be National Gallery of Art. Btw, museum admissions are all free in DC. How cool is that?

Next we made our way to see United States Capitol.

I just realised I had way too much backlog to clear and gonna update the next part of Washington DC in my next entry. Stay tuned! 🙂