Canada + US Travelogue Part 2 Niagara Falls

 Day and night view of Niagara Falls were amazing from Canada side. The view of Niagara Falls was awesome but the expenses were not. We ended up paying a lot of taxes which we were not sure what they exactly were. Actually in summary, alot of taxes mean it is a destination marketing fee that they just charge on tourist. As stated in some websites, apparently the tourism operators insist the fee pays for special events, infrastructure, lighting on the falls and fireworks. Machiam it is the tourist problem to pay.
We started our trip with Niagara Falls and we didn’t expect it to be costly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in awe of the Niagara Falls but I don’t think I’ll be going back there again ever. It is really a once in a lifetime memory and I’ll keep it to that one time.

Everything comes with ALOT of tax that will mysteriously appear on your bill. And if you googled, No wonder Niagara Falls is also named as a place of a tourist trap.
There is Tourism Infrastructure Funding Fee (TIFF), it is actually voluntary but they won’t tell you that. There’s this HST tax (Harmonized sales tax) which they may call it a tourism improvement fee (TIF). Some attractions and hotels charge Attractions and Promotions Fee (APF), Niagara Destination Fee (NFDF) or Destination Productivity Fee (DPF).

Lost already? Yes I felt the same way and i felt bizarre how come our bills keep having these ridiculous taxes.

Some links which you can refer to:

Seriously, something needs to be done before all these stupid taxes stain the image of Niagara Falls and deter tourists from going and becoming these taxes’ victims.

Breakfast at our hotel IHOP cost a whopping CAD60


On the first day we touched down, we tried to recover from our jet lag. So before we concussed, we decided to take a walk to explore the area.

We braved through the cold weather and enjoyed the lovely view

After a night’s stay at Best Western, we moved to Marriott Fallsview which is a 5-minute walk down the road. I was so glad that we chose the room with falls view! You can just sit there and stone the whole day.
Of course we did not sit there the whole day.  we took the railway down to have a better look at the falls and proceeded to take the ferry cruise. It was drizzling and so cold that we were the only tourists covered in thin layer of clothings haha.
A poncho is a must.

Food-wise, we had dinner at Marriott restaurant because we can’t brave the cold to go anywhere else. And the price of the food is pretty standard. It will cost approximately CAD30 per pax after all the taxes and tips.

Hummus and pita is the best combi ever.

Lunch was at Apple Bees in which we shared fish and chips and the portion was just HUGE.

Thats’ a wrap for our 3D2N stay at Niagara Falls. Stay tuned to our next adventure – Washington DC