Guangzhou – 5 Days 4 Nights

This trip itself was a fantastic eating trip. I can’t remember much about this trip except awesome food finds. We stayed at Jiangguo Hotel (which was prolly filled with a lot of Singaporeans), located just beside a train station.

Our first dim sum stop was Dim Dou Dak. The dim sum portion and size in GZ were huge. Taste wise, it is more localized accordingly to their taste, which we may not be able to appreciate as we are used to HK Cantonese taste.

After lunch, we strolled along Beijing Road Pedestrain Street. Surprisingly, their streets were actually clean and not as polluted as I thought it would be.

Dinner time, we headed to Hai Di Lao and queued for 1 hour plus before it’s our turn.

The next morning, we continued our dim sum haunt and settled for one of the oldest dim sum restaurant – Tao Tao Ju – (陶陶居). Their taste is more HK style and I would say I enjoyed this more than Dim Dou Dak.


We explored shangxiujiu Pedestrain Street in the light drizzle and can;t help but feel the CNY vibes.

Thereafter, we went to Shamian Island. It reminded me of Taipei Jiu Fen as it exuded a gloomy feel to it. We had our Christmas Dinner at Orient Express, a French restaurant. It was fully booked and had to wait for 2 hours for available seating.

I think we started to have this dim sum fear as we were having it 2 days in a row. But we still proceeded for more dim sum at Lei Garden.

Another must-go tourist attraction would be Canton Tower. We bought the entry ticket package with the ferry ride.

For dinner, we headed over to nearby famous Bing Sheng Pin Wei which had a lasting impression on me. I LOVE the char siew! A local Cantonese favorite, it offers classic and standard Cantonese food which is most famous for its char siu, or barbecued pork. And only additional SGD4 for a private room. You need to drop by to dine at this place if you are ever in GZ.

Another highlight of this trip (besides all the sinful eating) was Baiyun Mountain. We tried to walk up but gave up halfway by taking the bungee ride.



We made a quick visit to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and Chen Clan Academy.


For dinner, we decided to try Guangzhou Restaurant, similar seating concept as Bing Sheng Pin Wei.


Amazingly, after all the eating, we still had room for some dessert at nearby Nan Xin.

I gained 1-2 kg from this eating trip but it was quite relaxing and satisfying. For those who wish to have a similar experience of going Hong Kong to eat those wonderful dim sum and roast duck/char siew, you may want to consider a trip to GZ instead. Definitely cheaper than that of a HK trip.