New York City – 12 Key Attractions

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

Well, NYC is just full of life and the street lights made me feel slightly brand new… :p

Here’s a snippet of our open door heli ride in NYC:

So glad that I did this trip with my bestie and a lot of planning were involved – where to go, what to do, when to go, what to eat etc. This trip took us few months to prepare but worth every single bit. This blog entry shall cover these 12 key attractions to go if you have limited amount of time.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

It is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge connecting Manhatten and Brooklyn. Take 4,5,6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop, exit the station and you will see crowd going in one direction. That’s how we ended up at the bridge haha.

I would highly recommend to walk the entire bridge, soak in the atmosphere and the enjoy the city view. We walked there and took a train back, after we were done exploring Brooklyn before evening.

At the end of Brooklyn Bridge, there was Jane’s Carousel! To all ladies out there, you need to drop by for some OOTD shots!


I would say exploration at the Brooklyn Bridge would take half a day, if you plan to have lunch and grab a drink there. There’s abundance of cafes and restaurants in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

2. Rockefeller Center / Top of the Rock


Isn’t this so dreamy to watch? Imagine ice-skating on this rink during the holiday season! But I didn’t have much energy left to ice-skate and the first and last time I did was 13 years old. LOL. Do remember to drop by Magnolia Bakery for their banana pudding!

We were a tad late to book afternoon tickets for the observation deck at Rockefeller and settled for night time. Well, the city lights sure took our breath away.




3. MOMA The Museum of Modern Art

Next day, we started our day to visit MOMA to see Claude Monet’s work – Water Lilies, Starry Night and other impressive exhibitions.


4. Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yes it was museum hopping day. We headed to Metropolitan Museum of Art – any gossip girl fan??? It was drizzling but the rain won’t stop us.


5. Central Park

Well, I was not very impressed by Central Park – maybe I see too many pretty pictures on IG and I have this false expectations.


How this trip came along was that we wanted to coincide with autumn foliage sight at Central Park and somehow we forgot this highlight along the way of our planning haha. Though we didn’t see the autumn foliage, still an awesome sight to behold.

6. Woodbury Common Premium Outlet


This is everyone’s fave place to shop! Get ready your credit cards and go shopping already! We booked this tour with our hotel (most of the NYC hotels should offer this) and we spent the entire day shopping. We actually missed our return bus at 4pm but thankfully we called and requested to hop on the last bus at 6pm. This was the first time that I did not feel hungry but just keep shopping and buying.

7. Chelsea Market

Chelsea market is really a great place to eat and shop, especially for vintage lovers. It is an enclosed food court with lots of food choices and a small area of flea market. It’s a short walk from Hudson River in Manhattan area. This place is definitely worth your time for a short visit to grab a lobster roll and soak in the atmosphere.

8.  Broadway Musicals


When in NYC, you have to experience the magic of Broadway in New York City.  There’s abundance to choose from and we settled for Chicago. It was amazing! I caught Phantom of the Opera on my own few days later and was so hooked onto Broadway now.

9. Grand Central Terminal


This world famous landmark is not to be missed. It’s more than a transportation hub, but offers shopping and dining options as well. Again, gossip girl fans will recognize this place to be the opening of Serena.

10. FlyNyon Helipcopter Ride

Another crazy adventure that we embarked during this trip would be taking this open door helicopter ride with Flynyon. We had to attend a safety briefing session before we started this 15-min ride, which cost us around USD$299. But it was a YOLO experience.



11. Statue of Liberty

Another iconic place to go would be the Statue of Liberty National Monument. We took the cruise to get some shots but we did not visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.


We queued under the hot sun for half an hour for the tickets so be prepared and bring an umbrella along.

12. Times Square

The major famous commercial intersection among tourists, where all the happening things and stuff take place. I actually went up to Marriott Hotel to get a good take of this shot.


That’s all for my NYC adventure… What’s your other recommended place to go in NYC?