My Travel Chronicles in 2017 and 2016


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4 Continents & 19 Countries Visited.

Just a humble beginning of my travel journey of countries visited but sometimes it is not about how many countries that one has visited, but the experiences and memories that matter.

On a random note, one of the reasons why I started this blog is to jot down my travel chronicles and stories on the road. I was not an avid traveler and those who know me at least 5 years ago, would know that I’m a workaholic. Previously I would only travel once or twice a year. However, as time goes by and some life-changing events happen along the way, I began to realize how fragile life is. And amidst this rat race, sometimes we need to take a break and recharge ourselves for the upcoming hurdles. Travel to keep sanity. Moreover, with aggressive flight promos, easier travelling information and the evil IG feed of those influencers, planning your next trip gives you a certain life motivation. (Yes my bae keep asking me to unfollow the influencers whenever their pics sparked some interest in me. LOL)

While I’m busy planning my upcoming trips for this year, I was looking through my Instagram feed and began to trace back the days I’m away on my wanderlust journey.

My Travel Trips 

2017 (46 days of travel) 

  1. 23 Dec – Jan 1 (11 days)


Greece (Athens and Santorini) Trip with bae

This was definitely one of my major events in my life whereby I got engaged! Yes my bae proposed to me at Santorini and we fell in love with Greece. I love the laidback pace, the food (omg the fresh seafood, pasta, moussaka, tzatiziki sauce, grilled octopus) I actually ate pasta few days in a row and I was not tired of it at all.

And the most memorable sunset I ever had was not at Santorini or Meteora, but Temple of Poseidon. Till now, I still can’t forget the feeling I had at the sunset.

  1. 28 Oct – Nov 11 (15 days)

IMG_1182Canada and US Trip with bestie

We were first toying with the idea of a long trip and maybe to US and ta-da! We actually made it happen and we certainly went crazy. The long flight haul was really unpleasant but no pain no gain. Niagara Falls was awesome except the unknown taxes that kept appearing on our receipts.

Th craziest thing we did was the open door air ride which we booked with Flynyon. The best dessert got to be Magnolia Bakery banana pudding while the best food award goes to Shake Shack!!! I really hope the rumour of shake shack coming to SG is true. I seldom eat fast food (once a year?) but for shake shack, I’ll do it gladly!

  1. 10-13 Aug (4 days)


Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City trip with bae

It was my first time visiting Vietnam despite being just a few hours of flight time away from Singapore. I love their vietnamese coffee and the thing I love about this trip was the cafe hopping and constant relaxation most of the time.

  1. 27 Jul – 30 Jul (4 days)


Indonesia – Bali trip with bestie

Bali got me hooked badly and I constantly craved to go back there whenever there seems to be a chance to travel. Their smoothie bowls and a lot of healthy eating options certainly appeal to me. With new cafes sprouting and IG worthy activities (The famous Bali Swing at Zen Hideaway), it’s really hard not to like Bali. Love it so much that I went back for my birthday trip with bae in Feb 2018.

  1. 13 and 19 June (2 days)


Hong Kong work trip

I was there on a work trip so I won’t considered the entire trip to be a holiday, except the first and last day whereby we have some time to eat and explore before work begins. Have been to Hong Kong a couple of times and the first thing that I would always do, is to eat dim sum and drink HK milk tea! And of course, I will surely buy Jenny Bakery cookies back and savour them every day.

  1. 16 and 22 May (2 days)

Bangkok work trip

Another work trip to Bangkok and I had my worst case of food poisoning because of kimchi at a Korean Restaurant! I was a huge fan of kimchi but after this incident, I was scarred for life. Nothing memorable as I was just glad to be back home to nurse my poor stomach.

  1. 15 – 17 April (3 days)

Taipei Itinerary

Taiwan – Taipei with dance friends

It was a rush trip with my dance friends to attend a salsa festival in Taipei and basically it was just eating and dancing.

  1. 15 Feb – 20 Feb (6 days)


Australia – Sydney trip with bae

This was my birthday trip and it started off with me falling real sick. But I guess Sydney sceneries and attractions sort of healed me somehow. :p


One of the highlights would be to tick off my bucket list of Bondi Beach! This is life. I can totally stare into the ocean and let my mind wander for hours. That’s how marketing and creative people work right? 🙂

2016 (36 days of travel)

  1. 23 – 27 Dec (5 days)


China – Guangzhou trip with bae

We spent the Christmas holidays in Guangzhou during this short trip and I would say it is more of an eating expedition. We ate dim sum every day until we were so scared of it. Their taste of dim sum differs from that of Hong Kong and one of the better dim sum place that offers a localized flavour (HK style that we are used to) would be Tao Tao Ju.


Another key highlight would be Bing Sheng Pin Wei (Otherwise known as Bingsheng Taste) for their BBQ Pork Char Siew! It’s the best and till date I have not tasted anything close that can beat that.

  1. Nov 26 – 4 Dec (9 days)


Japan – Tokyo trip with bestie

After catching sakura for 2 times in Japan, I was on a mission to see autumn foliage. We picked the right dates though we totally miss the foliage at Showa Memorial Park. So memorable because we walked so long and spent a lot of time only to reach there to witness rows of bare trees.

Tokyo Autumn Trip Part 2

But we were rewarded with tons of foilage views from other attractions so I’m still a happy girl. 🙂

  1. 20 Sept and 26-28 Sept (4 days)

Hong Kong Trip - 9 places to eat

Hong Kong work trip + solo travel

So I extended my work trip after the event and did some solo travel after. It was mostly eating and I gained a few kilos when I came back! Had to work extra hard to shed them and control my diet thereafter. I had the luxury to have some me-time after an unfortunate event and that’s when I decided that I have other important priorities in life, commitments and responsibilities, though one should live life to the fullest. But the question is, isn’t it difficult? How do your drop everything and pursue what you want and lead your life the YOLO way? I’m still trying to understand and balance this.

  1. 6-10 Aug (5 days)

Cafes to Visit in Bangkok Part 2

Thailand – Bangkok trip with bestie

A short getaway to Bangkok with the main aim of cafe hopping with my partner in crime. I’m not too sure if some of the cafes I’ve been to are still around but I still remembered that Karmakamet Diner served us the IG worthy cotton candy strawberry dessert and charged us for it; we thought that it was complimentary but it cost around SGD$16, if I remember correctly.

Other than this, we had massage every day at Lek Massage and I was hooked onto Herbal Compress! I need to do this for my upcoming trip to BKK soon!

  1. 14 June and 20-26 June (8 days)

Annyeong Haseyo! Korea Trip - Seoul

Korea – Seoul work trip + bae

Went to Seoul for a work trip and extended it so bae joined me later on. We ended up eating Japanese food most of the time somehow and love the cafes at Sinsa area.

  1. 28 Apr – May 2 (5 days)

Perth Itinerary

Australia – Perth trip with bae

My birthday trip and first time heading to Australia! We totally did not know that we need to apply visa until we check-in at the counter. We were so shocked and thankfully it was settled on the spot.

The most memorable experience was the walk through King’s Park for hours. The tranquility and the cooling walk in the weather made everything perfect. I reckoned I burnt 2000 calories from that walk to Crawley edge boat shed. Fremantle had its old charm with eclectic mix of arts and trendy cafes/bars. I would love to go back Perth again.

Well, that’s all for my travel chronicles of 2017 and 2016. I had vague memories of past trips but I’m looking forward to creating new ones in 2018.

Here’s a snapshot of my 2018 trips.

Indonesia – Bali: Birthday trip in Feb and I had a smashing great time with bae

Myanmar – Yangon and Bagan trip: First time travelling with Minz (my JC friend) whom I have known for 16 years!

Thailand – Khao Yai trip: Again, first time travelling with Jocelyn whom I have known for 5 years.

Thailand – Bangkok / Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai trip: Work trip in BKK before I head over to Chiang Rai and then Chiang Mai to meet my bestie!

Cambodia – Siem Reap and Phnom Penh trip: Have been wanting to go to cambodia for years everytime bae and I talked about it for the National day weekend. We are finally going to materialize this year. 🙂

Los Angeles – Another trip brewing with bestie. La la land, here we come!

Turkey and Morocco trip: This is going to be my most important trip till date as I’ll be having my pre-wedding photoshoot in Cappadocia! I have to drop by Morocco as it is my top priority on my to-go travel list. I’m so excited!