Greece – Meteora

We didn’t plan for this before our trip to Greece and I still remembered we booked it on Christmas eve night for this last minute tour on Christmas Day itself. For those who are heading to Greece during the Christmas period, you may want to take note that the stores will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so you may want to plan a day trip nearby. Also, not all tours operate on these 2 days too.

So bae and I sat at hotel lobby on Christmas eve at 8pm-10pm, frantically googling potential trips that we can go the very next day until our eyes were so tired. LOL. And lady luck was with us! We managed to secure slots with Meteora Thrones – Travel Center and the monasteries were opened! Lucky us.

So we headed to take the train the day after and the ride was very long – 6 hours. We took the train at Athens station to Thessaloniki station. We reached Meteora only around 2pm and joined the tour. We were close to frustration as our wifi was not working and we were so bored on board. But along the way, we saw beautiful sceneries from dry land to land covered in snow.

Meteora is listed as one of the UNESCO heritage list and is located in town near Kalambaka. It’s well known for the six monasteries perched on the high cliffs.  The view simply took our breath away and we totally forgot the suffering we had to reach here. (But we got reminded once we were heading back to Athens LOL)


Due to time constraint, we only visited 2 monasteries – Great Meteoran Monastery and the Monastery of St Stephen. I would recommend to those who are heading to Athens, to make a day trip to this awesome place. Some of you may even recognise Meteora if you are a fan of Game of Thrones.

The tour allowed us to stop over at famous spots along the driveway and we caught one of the most beautiful sunset. It looks like heaven on earth.


The sunset viewing spot was popular as everyone crowd at the spot to witness the last ray of light.


Of course, we endured the way back to Athens during the 6-hour ride but it was all worth it. 🙂