Districts in Athens – Plaka, Monstiraski, Psyrri


One of my favorite neighbourhood in Athens is Plaka.  Near the Acropolis, Plaka has this unique village feel where you can relax with a cuppa of coffee at sidewalk cafes, or get lost in this labyrinth. You can also find souvenir shops in this oldest district, lined with picturesque houses and narrow lanes. Overall, it gives you the feeling of travelling back in time.


We had coffee at this famous Melina Merkouri Cafe and I just love the feeling of people-watching and doing nothing. 🙂

Before coffee, we had our lunch just opposite Melina Cafe and again, the food really got me so happy!


At night, we came here for dinner and Plaka transformed to a romantic place. We chose this restaurant (Do not know the name in English so you may refer to the picture with its name in Greek). Something that I realised here was that they will help to cut up the fish whenever you order, which I really appreciated this service.






Monastiraki is a large part of Plaka district, is also known as the flea market in the old town of Athens. It’s also a popular tourist hangout and you will feel overwhelmed by the crowd. There is a popular, old traditional tavern named Bairaktaris Μπαϊρακτάρης which served all-day souvlaki kebabs and hearty Greek dishes. As recommended by our Greek friend, we just had to head down and check it out. We ate to our heart’s content and the portion was certainly huge!


Psyrri offers a vivid nightlife, known for restaurants, night bars, pubs etc. Located in this hip neighbourhood of Psyrri in a quiet street, there is this quirky cafe named Little Kook. You find yourself transform to a magical wonderland with its lavish decor!


We just had to visit this Little Kook and immersed ourselves in this wonderland. But be warned that there will be long queues and we were so lucky to get a seat.

During our stay in Athens Gate Hotel, we visited Lotte Bistrot Cafe located nearby. It is a cozy bistro bar which offers coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a good place to kick-start your day before you visit the Acropolis or the Modern Acropolis Msueum.


Another good eating place would be Athina Bistrot just round the corner of Athens Gate Hotel. We went there twice as their food was really good and they were still opened even on Christmas Day! They have one of the best moussaka.


I’ll update another entry on our day trip – Temple of Poseidon. Stay tuned!