Temple of Poseidon – Best Sunset View

While at Athens, there were many options for day trips and we went for Cape Sounion to See Temple of Poseidon. It’s the best half day trip you can opt for if you have limited time there.

The temple sits above a beach on a mountain, facing the sea. It’s also the southern most tip of the Attic Peninsula. The route towards Cape Sounion allowed us to have a scenic view, if you are seated on the right side of the vehicle.

We made a pit stop for some photo taking opportunities and really felt like we were chasing the sunset. The endless Aegean sea exuded this calm and tranquil feel.

And finally we reached the Temple of Poseidon, in which it’s named after Poisedon “God of Sea”. The 16 columns (now left 15) stood tall against the sun and we were just amazed how these columns can stood the test of time and harsh environment.

There were a crowd waiting at the top and some at the only cafe located there. So no worries about having to go to the washroom at this place.

Then it was sunset time and everyone was camping at some spaces to snap their cameras away. I have to say it’s the best sunset spot, not Meteora or Santorini in my opinion.

And then it was time to chase the last stream of ray before it gets too dark to make our way back. ✌🏻