Bangkok – Wat Pho And Wat Arun

Living in Singapore, Bangkok is just a 2.5 hour flight away and has been my favourite destination since young. What comes to mind when people mention Bangkok are – Food paradise, shopping haven, IG-worthy cafes.

I’ve been to Bangkok so many times but have not explored their amazing temples. There’s at least more than 400 Temples and the more well-known ones are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Pra Khew. It’s almost impossible to finish all at one go so I shortlisted 2 given my limited time there.

My first stop was Wat Pho. It’s in the City area and easily accessible via a taxi/grab.

Before heading to Wat Pho, we had lunch nearby at this place named Spring Siam Bistro. I would not recommend this place as it has very tough Phad Thai and small serving of Tom Yum soup. Plus point was that it had pretty wallpapers and soothing music.

We avoided the scorching hot sun during noon time but we still sweated buckets during the late afternoon. We paid an entrance fee of 100baht for Wat Pho. It really looked awesome and you have to see its beauty yourself.

Of course, we need to have a glimpse of its famed reclining Buddha that’s covered in gold leaf.

Thereafter, we followed the direction stated on Google map to locate the way to take the ferry across the Chao Phraya River to reach Wat Arun. There’s an hour ride ferry tour whereby the tourists may be mistaken to take it and are required to pay 1,500baht. But the normal 5mins ferry ride across cost only 4baht. ✌🏻

The architecture of Wat Arun is sheer beauty. The design of it looks different from the rest of the other temples with its decorated spires.

We took around 3 hours in total and we were exhausted. We then headed to Floral Cafe for some cooling Iced Tea.

So all these were done in one day! Continuing my Thailand journey to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai next week, so stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram @salsera_love 😄