London Trip

When one thinks of London, one will think of the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye etc. I had my first ever Europe Trip 5 years ago – London, Paris, Berlin. London Heathrow Airport is one of the most common international airports to kick-start your Europe adventures and that’s why we started our trip from London. I took Malaysia Airlines to London on my own and meet my other travel buddy Ginny at Royal National Hotel. It cost 424 pounds for 4 nights. The metro was relatively easy to use and convenient.

See my chubby face photos! haha.


We started the first day strolling Oxford Street and Bond Street. I was so sleepy, trying to fight the jetlag. I remembered I was falling asleep eating London Duck in Chinatown. lol.


In London, you need to try their fish and chips. Their portion was huge and come to think of it, I spent the most expenditure during my time in London. In addition, I would reckon 5 days are actually more than enough time in London.


Meeting up with friends in London and we headed for a day trip to Hyde Park the next day.



Those were the days when my hair was still jet black. 😀 And of course no trip is complete with a visit to Harrods.


We spent half a day exploring St Pauls Cathedral and we climbed up to the top; which was no mean feat for me as I’m afraid of heights.



Lastly, we went to Borough Market and it was so crowded. Of all food, I actually chose sushi!



We then continued our journey to Paris by taking the EuroStar. Shall continue part 2 of my Europe Trip soon!