Berlin Attractions

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is rich in history and culture. A cycling or walking tour is highly encouraged to learn the history of Berlin. Here’s a few attractions that I managed to visit within the few days.

Brandenburg Gate


This Brandenburg Gate is used as one of the Berlin Wall’s crossing, and is one of Berlin’s most important monument which symbolises peace and unity. It’s super crowded early in the morning and really difficult to get a decent photo of it. This place comes alive during New Year’s Eve whereby the crowd will gather here for countdown.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews


These 2,711 grey slabs here are the Berlin Holocaust, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The concrete blocks were constructed to commemorate Jews that lost their lives during the Holocaust. It is opened 24/7 and you can walk between them, which is like a claustrophobic maze. If you realise, their height varies!

Berlin Wall


Of course, the trip would not be complete without seeing the Berlin Wall. It was erected to divide East Germany and West Berlin for 30 years. Visiting Berlin reminded me of this movie – Life Is Beautiful. Basically the movie depicts a Jewish-Italian bookstore owner on how he was captured and taken to a concentration camp. And he shielded his son on this by telling his son everything that’s happening around them, was just a game. I watched a long time ago when I was still a student and I would definitely recommend you to watch it.

Checkpoint Charlie


Another famous border crossing between West and East Germany – Checkpoint Charlie. Now, you can go there and take this mandatory shot with the guards.

And so my Europe trip ended with Berlin as last stop. What’s your favourite Europe cities?