Pre-Wedding Preparations in Singapore – Not a Crazy Rich Asian :)

Recently I have some overseas/local friends who have been asking me about my wedding preparations and when’s the big day. Often, they will be surprised to know the purchase of the dream house, wedding day and many details will need so much time for preparation due to cultural differences. And mostly, we are talking about years in the making. It’s not like “Yes, I Do” today and “Just Married” the next day. 😀

Well, if you think that all Singapore weddings are just like what you see on Crazy Rich Asians (the extravagant decor and parties), well you may be disappointed. (I think the movie depicts whatever only the real rich Singaporeans do) But some of the traditions like Meet-the-parents session still remain the same for most Singaporeans.

Wedding Location

The typical singaporean couples usually will book a hotel/ restaurant venue for their wedding banquet. For hotel bookings, the couple will usually need to secure the date 1 YEAR in advance. Yes 1 year. My fiancé and I booked ours at Marina Bay Sands 1.5 years in advance and we faced a lot of delays in the date confirmation. After few months, we finally secured a date in Nov 2019. So that’s the norm in Singapore for couples to start planning ahead.

Pre-Wedding Preparation

If you shop around the Malls, you may see some roadshow of companies selling pre-wedding packages. In Singapore, we have the culture of doing a pre-wedding photoshoot (and even videoshoot depending on Budget). I believe pre-wedding photoshoot is common in other countries as well. In Singapore, pre-wedding packages usually include local or even overseas destinations such as Taiwan or Korea, which are common ones. It usually cost around few thousands, depending on selected destination and how many gowns included. But the cache is that if you choose the basic package of $4000 etc, you only have a range of gowns to choose from, a fixed set of photos, and other restrictions. Thus, there may be hidden costs if the bride-to-be decides a prettier gown for upgrade/TOP-up. But of course, it depends on individual packages available out there.

For those who have been following my IG stories, I’m sure you guys will know that I’m preparing for my pre-wedding photoshoot/videoshoot for year end December in Cappadocia, Turkey. For my fiancé and I, we decided not to go with packages as we shortlisted Cappadocia as the destination for our photoshoot/videoshoot. So everything will be ala carte for us. I believe in choosing and wearing a gown that I really like and go to destination that I love (because your wedding photo will be up in your bedroom forever right) But at the same time, I don’t need a designer gown as well. So I went to Far East Plaza (FEP) to shop for some bridal gowns. There are around 5-6 shops in FEP and their source of gowns are usually from Taobao. Yes you may be able to find gowns in Taobao and it’s cheaper but you definitely need to try the gowns as alterations will be needed to fit you.

After much gown hunting over a few months, I finally chose these 3 gowns to be hand-carried to Cappadocia. (I can’t afford to lose them via checked-in) Also, I can’t choose gowns with long trains as there’s weight limit to consider as well. I shall leave Long dramatic trains for my actual wedding day itself. 🙂 For videos of the gowns, you may pop over my IG Stories Highlights ✌🏻

For those who had enquired, I got them at FEP Level 4 Betty’s Loft. Each gown cost around $400-$500 including alterations. It’s a steal, considering the workmanship and embellishments on each gown. Betty, the store owner, is very friendly and helpful; I feel at ease picking my Dream gowns and she gave me good discounts too. Plus point ya 👍🏻

For those who wants to go for renting, there’s a lot of choices out there but do note that the typical rental cost per gown would be around $500 and above, depending on the brand etc.

Dream House

Land is scarce in Singapore. Most of the Singaporeans live in HDB flats aka Housing development board. If a couple wants a brand new flat, they would need to apply BTO (build-to-order). But before this, they need to ballot for a chance to apply. This may take certain period of time. Thereafter, if the ballot is successful and BTO is confirmed, couple has to wait for 4-5 for the completion of it. It’s all about the waiting game. Even if the couple opted to purchase sale of balance or resale, couple still need to ballot for a chance to be able to purchase sale of balance. Yes ballot again. And for purchase of resale flats, couple would need to “shop” for flats before settling for the ideal one. Again, a lot of time is taken.

For my fiancé and I, we have purchased our condo 1.5 years ago and are waiting for the project to be completed. Fingers crossed that completion will be done earlier!

Pre-wedding Photoshoot/Videoshoot

We have gotten a vendor in Istanbul via IG (yes the power of IG) and contacted them for the photoshoot/videoshoot. Of course there’s always pros and cons for this but the only thing you can do is to TRUST. I believe this will be an adventure for us. We chanced upon them via IG and love their style and artistic take. I shall share more once it’s done in end December.

So here’s a summary of a pre-wedding preparation of a Singaporean couple. Definitely not a crazy rich asian ya. 😀