5 Travel Tips – How To Plan Your Outfits For Your Travel Destination

Some of my friends have been asking me how do I plan what to wear when going overseas and how do I know which OOTD to bring?

I’m not a fashion guru but I would say I’m a fashionista at heart and has a bit of aesthetic flair on what clothes would look good to match the environment, that I would want to take photo with. So here’s sharing a few tips on how to plan your outfits for your travel destination.

1. Weather Conditions

I think the most importantly thing before I start to decide what clothes to bring, is that I would search the weather during the timing of my travel to that particular destination. If it’s winter, I would usually put aside a few outerwear for it; it can range from a leather jacket to fur jacket to trench coat style, depending how cold the weather would be.

For outerwear, I would usually prefer a black leather jacket to match with my inner outfit. So here’s what I wear during my trip to Santorini in December.

For an outer coat, I usually like red or pastel colour to stand out from the picture. Here’s a shot of me in pastel blue coat in Athens Little Kook. The other image I donned on this deep red coat in NYC.

If the weather is hot, oh baby it’s maxi dress time for me. But it really depends the degree of hotness we are looking at right now. For eg if it’s Bali or Khao Yai, I would say a flowy maxi dress will work most of the times.

Here’s a few shots of me wearing my favourite bright maxi dresses in Bali during Feb and Aug.

For my Khao Yai trip in late April, maxi dresses totally worked for me ✌🏻Not to mention that my Friend and I brought similar dresses coincidentally!

But if we are talking really HOT countries like Myanmar / Cambodia and if you are heading to Bagan / Siem Reap, then I would suggest to get a comfy TOP/pants or flowy long skirt to air your legs.

2. Recommended Dress Code

It would be good to do some research on the country you are planning to head to. There may be some specific dress code that you need to adhere to or you need to be properly dressed before you can visit the places of attractions. For eg in Myanmar and Cambodia, its strongly advised to be dressed in sleeved top and long skirt before you can enter the Temples. I have seen some whose entries were rejected because they were not properly dressed. So you may want to take note of this to avoid disappointment. In addition, this is also a form of respect to them as well.

Us in Myanmar, sleeved top and below-the-knee skirt and exploring the Temples without shoes. We had to throw away the shoes we brought and bought a new pair in the end after the countless Temples we went.

In Thailand visiting Wat Pho. Below-the-knee and sleeved attire.

Super covered in Siem Reap because almost all girls are in long pants or maxi. But thankfully it wasn’t hot when I visit Siem Reap in August. 🙂

3. Research on the Places You intend to Go

I’m sure there are some key places you would want to visit when you decide a particular destination. What I would usually do is to go Instagram and search the Geo-tags and hashtag of the places. This would give me some inspo of how others dress and what type of outfits should I bring.

For eg in the first Bali Terrace shot, I had envisioned a bold, bright colour maxi dress that will stand out. In my opinion, yellow, orange, red, prints, florals are a good choice.

I like the scenery in Khao Yai that it makes every spot so IG-worthy. For the first pic, my coral dress actually match the orange flowers in the background too! So amazed by the sheer coincidence.

For this white temple at Chiang Rai, I actually wrecked my brains on what to wear after doing some research and decided on a striking, bold green colour which I usually will not wear.

4. Wear what You Always Wanted to but couldn’t have the chance

I am a great fan of over-the-knee (OTK) boots. Whenever I get to go overseas for a autumn/winter weather, I would seize the chance to wear otk boots. It’s usually very hard to wear them in Singapore, given our insanely hot weather. In addition, I always feel I have greater freedom to wear whatever I want overseas as compared to when I’m in SG. Probably because I’m a tourist and no one knows me? Anyone felt the same way? I always think that everyone is entitled to dress what they want. (Of course not at the inconvenience of others)

I know it’s really fun to be playing dress up and layering those inner wear because this is something that we don’t usually do in SG. Not to mention wearing accessories such as beret; couldn’t let up the chance ya 🙂

But of course whatever you plan to wear must be practical as well – proper shoes for long distance walking and take note of the weight of your outfits. You wouldn’t want your luggage to exceed the limit by bringing too many shoes or outerwear.

I’m also a fan of fur jackets and always love to bring one or two along with me. 🙂

5. Wear Your Style and Own It

Last but not least, the most important thing is to create your own style that brings out your personality and that you are comfortable in it.

Sometimes I would tend to bring some outfits and then they would go back SG with me untouched. Because there are certain styles that I think I would wear but at the crux of the moment when it’s time for you to hit the road, I would still go back to my preferred style of clothing. I would definitely want to be comfortable and happy in the outfit that I’m in during overseas and especially taking photos to conserve the memories. So I have learnt not to waste my luggage space and weight on clothes that may be too adventurous for me. I would save it for SG haha.

After a while, you will develop your own style and know which kind of outfits are flattering. If not, you can go take a look at your wardrobe and you will be able to observe a pattern of your clothes. For eg I’m a big fan of lace so I have lace tops and dresses. In addition, florals and maxi dresses are my fave. I always feel maxi dress is minimal effort but maximum results. 😀

After defining your own style or preference, it’s vital to be comfortable in it and rock the outfit.