6 Types of Travel Buddies That Make Your Trips Awesome

Travelling with our friends are deemed as a wonderful experience that usually bring the friendship to the next level, but more often than not, it may just worsen it. Sometimes, the travelling is not about the destination nor the journey, but the companion you have. Be it solo travelling (the companion would be yourself), travelling with your bestie, or travelling with a group of friends, it is often a rewarding experience that help your adventures more memorable.

Here’s 5 Types of Travel Buddies that make Your Trips Awesome!

  1. The Adventure Buddy

This friend lives by the tagline “YOLO” aka you only live once! Activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, parasailing etc filled the itinerary. Well, I don’t have an Adventure travel buddy yet (Usually I’m the craziest one already LOL) and the extreme thing I have ever done were to sit on the Bali Swing (w/o safety harness) and did an open-door heli ride in NYC.

However, I would love to skydive (one fine day when I lose my mind).


2. The GPS Navigator

I love this travel buddy. Most of the time I’m a scatterbrain and have bad sense of direction. I will just blindly follow the Google Maps until I see that I’m moving in the wrong direction. I prefer to leave my brain behind while I’m on holiday. haha. If you travel buddy falls under this GPS Navigator, congratulations to you my friend! Most of the time, he/she will know exactly how to get to the place you want, most probably even know the nearest toilet or money exchange. Ok just kidding.

So glad to have my bestie as my awesome Navigator! Built with a sixth sense for direction and always get me back on track (metaphorically and literally).


3.  The Planner

The Planner that gets the research done, cross-checked with lonely planet and all the forums and travel reviews. Planner buddy will ensure that tickets are booked way in advance and will go well with those who go-with-the-flow.

Next, the Planner usually stick to the plan and ensure the trip is on schedule and everyday is purposeful (shit that sounds like me!) I love to have a reference on where I want to go and do, but I’ll usually get lazy towards the end and go with the flow. My Planner persona usually takes over everything especially so when I’m on solo trip.  Read on for my solo trip to Chiang Rai.


4. The Financier

This travel buddy is the CFO and ensures that you have money to go back home, if everything bad happens. This financier friend helps to secure the best deals and discounts in hotels, restaurants, shops etc. Tagging along with him/her helps you to save money everyday and save for your next trip too. Below is a pic of my CFO travel buddy and I during our Myanmar adventure in April. Excited for our trip in 2019!


5. The Collaborator

This type of traveler goes with anything and everything, and match your tempo and craziness. The Collaborator will most likely say ‘YES’ to any single thing that you suggest or do. But what differentiates Collaborator from “Anything” traveler is that Collaborator does help to screen through and filter plans that ensure the trip is doable, not just saying “YES” blindly. In addition, the collaborator usually match the ideas/requests from the Planner, which is a good match! I’m glad that most of my travel buddies are also Collaborators. 🙂

Love it more when we do #OOTD Corodinates intentionally and even coincidentally!




6. The Photographer

They say a photo holds on a memory of a lifetime. What’s a trip without some photos to capture the awesome moments? Be it a DSLR of an iPhone, this Photographer is a perfect travel companion that take great pictures of you or even unforgettable moments. Being an instagrammer, I love to snap away to capture the moments and always love a Photographer travel buddy with me. My greatest Photographer would be my bae (fiance) and my tripod. It’s a tie. haha.

Taking photos for one another during our recent getaway to Cambodia.

IMG_4369 (4)


Know of anyone who fulfills any of the categories above? Share this with them now and show your appreciation!