Los Angeles – Griffith Observatory

A visit to Los Angeles is never complete without snapping some pictures of the Hollywood sign and dropping by the famous Griffith Observatory. After watching La La Land, I knew I had to come here and make it a priority on my bucket list. The entry to the observatory building is free but if you would like to enter the Planetarium for shows, then you would need to get a ticket there at USD7.



The sun was scorching hot and we wished we had put on more sunblock and have worn shades. From the Griffith Observatory, you can enjoy the city view, as well as the Hollywood Sign from far.

I was a tad too ambitious to plan to hike up to the Hollywood Sign but having being able to see from Griffith Park, was good enough for me. The jetlag was killing me on the first day and was drifting into sleep inside the Planetarium! LOL 😀

And I discovered this IG-worthy spot.



We waited for sunset which was unforgettable. If you are in LA, you must catch the sunset here and I can assure you that you will thank me for it. Maybe not when you can’t get Uber/Lyft back heehee. (which happened to us)


After sunset, you can see people starting to book Uber/Lyft but most to no avail. We had to queue for this public bus back to civilisation somewhere, in which we then uber/Lyft back to our hotel.


Stay tuned to my blog for more updates on my LA/SF trip. 🙂