Los Angeles – Alfred Coffee and Tea Room

If you have heard of this famous tagline “But first, Coffee”, the term itself is a registered trademark of Melrose Place Coffee Company.  If you do a simple hashtag search on Instagram of #ButFirstCoffee there are more than 1.9 million posts of it! Since then, they have pretty much set a cult following to use similar tagline and hashtag – I believe you would have seen the same tagline in Singapore cafes or even overseas’ ones.

Having seen so many pretty pictures of their drinks , naturally it is a MUST to try their coffee and matcha in Alfred Coffee and Alfred Tea Room in Melrose Place – To visit the godfather of all coffee places at their flagship store.

Alfred Coffee

We went to Alfred Coffee first to try one of their signature drinks – #AlfredCone. This expresso drink kept me awake the entire day.



The mixture of expresso and the sweet chocolate is a perfect combination, which is well-balanced for someone like me who doesn’t usually drink hardcore expresso. Thereafter, we visited Alfred Tea Room nearby Alfred Coffee for some good ol’ matcha.

Alfred Tea Room

Around the area, you can find many post stores such as Zimmermann, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, and Glossier. It’s not hard to locate Alfred Tea Room with its astonishing pink decor.






Alfred Tea Room is founded by Josh Zad, same founder as Alfred Coffee. Riding on the trend of boba and matcha, I give a thumbs-up to their instagrammable tea place and drinks. Their matcha tasted awesome, not watered down or diluted like some matchas do.

So if you are in Melrose area, do get some good coffee or boba from Alfred!



Credit Source: You can read more detailed write-up by RackedCityBrewed and Hollywood Reporter.