Los Angeles – Crumbs and Whiskers

Crumbs and Whiskers is the first cat cafe to be established in Los Angeles. Located at Melrose Avenue, the cats are mainly stray or rescued cats. We walked past this cat cafe and were so psyched to see these cute little ones!

Reservations are highly recommended as there’s limited slot. It work out to be USD27.50 per pax for a 75-min session. And if you fancy any cat there, adoption is available but there’s no way we can fly the cat back to Singapore in a long haul flight. LOL.


Each of the cats have their names and we got to play with them. However, most of the cats are sleeping or napping so we didn’t get much chance to interact with them. The amazing thing was that once we left the cafe, almost all the cats woke up and ready for the next batch of visitors! haha.



To all feline lovers out there in LA, what are you waiting for? *Meow*