Los Angeles – Beverly Hills Cabana Cafe ( Is it worth going?)

I’m sure you would have seen on Instagram – the IG posts of the iconic Beverly Hills sign. We did some research and we made our way to Cabana Cafe for its brunch to enjoy the experience. However, the experience was kind of disappointing.

We took a Uber there which cost us around USD20. We took a while to find the main entrance that leads us to the cafe. It was relatively empty and we got a good pretty spot. Every corner of it was IG-worthy but I was told not to take photo of other customers due to privacy reason. I totally understand that and I respect their policy. I took photos of an empty settings but then was told to stop taking photos. I was puzzled because there was no one there at all. At the same time, another Caucasian customer was snapping away at the Swimming pool with people around. No one stopped him so I was like ok… is it because I’m an Asian? I got it lol.

Never so thankful before for their staff to be willing to take photo of us. Haha.

I was upset initially but I thought to myself: hey, I’m not going to let anything or anyone spoilt my vacation fun. I decide my mood and I’m going to enjoy my brunch no matter what. Yes, there will be some kind of discrimination everywhere you go but you just go to suck it up and not let it bother you.

We then ordered our brunch in which a meal easily cost USD35. But since we were already there and wanted an experience of it, we placed our order. Bestie’s French toast looked so much better than my pathetic eggs Benedict.

We tucked in hungrily and then proceeded to look for the iconic sign to take photo with, before we leave for Santa Monica. we didn’t see any superstars there but the customers were dressed to the nines for brunch.

So we were waiting to take photo at this IG spot while there were few caucasians taking photos in front of us. One of the staff was so friendly and eager to help them take quite a lot of photos as he was taking his smoking break. When it was our turn, guess what? Haha. But it’s ok, we just asked him for a favour and he helped us take few photos. We still thanked him nonetheless.

So is Beverly Hills worth going? Yes, for a first time experience but you got to manage your expectations for this 5-star hotel. If I knew this is what it’s going to happen, I would probably give this a miss.

But overall, I’m so glad that I have an awesome travel buddy to experience this with – travelling is not about all the pleasant things you see. But it also shows you how different types of people behave and how it feels to be racially profiled while travelling.