Los Angeles – Bradbury Building

Located just opposite the Grand Central Market, Bradbury Building was our next stop after Egg Slut. It is considered an architectural landmark decked with ornate railings, the exquisite design combined with the natural sunlight streaming in, just makes it stunning.

As cliche as it may be, my photos don’t do it justice. If you are in Downtown LA, I would highly recommend you to drop by and have a look.

You might find the photos familiar and thinking you have seen it somewhere. Yes, this location was used as few of the scenes in Blade Runner:


I remembered watching 500 Days of Summer and the last scene whereby Tom was going to have his interview at the last scene where he met Autumn.

The viewing spot is only limited to level 1 and half of the set of stairs. Anything beyond is strictly out of limits. There are actually offices there and I envy those working here in such a cool place, with Blue Bottle Coffee situated right below! I’m gonna blog about Blue Bottle Coffee soon. 🙂