Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Blue Bottle Coffee

Sipping a cuppa coffee in a minimalist cafe right in Bradbury building is my kind of morning. The cafe setting and ambience are similar to their other cafes and same coffee taste. (I only tried the other time in Japan)

I really love the spacious walkway and bookshelf that just set the right environment to sit and kick-start the day. Not to mention the high ceiling and the aroma of coffee beans just puts one in a positive mood. This is my ideal cafe vibe to people-watch, have a quiet chat with myself, stare into space and waste my time away. Anyone has the same feelings?

I ordered iced latte and it has a pleasant aftertaste to it. Not acidic and relatively smooth. We sat here for a while to soak in the atmosphere and also to deal with our food coma of Egg Slut. Lol.

Imagine just a door away, it leads to Bradbury Building. It’s a great place to meet friends or even bring your date to have a quiet conversation. For those on-the-go, grab your cuppa latte and visit Bradbury Building.




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