The Last Bookstore

This book treasure is located in Downtown LA, spanning 2 storeys high. Now who says books are dead? This independent bookstore manage to make reading hip and cool again somehow, with insta-worthy spots and meticulous arrangements of bookshelves.

Sometimes I wonder what if paper books are really disappearing for good? Yes we can still online but reading from a physical book is just different – the musty smell of the book, running your fingers through the pages, having the physical connection of holding and reading a book. (I say so much but I read National Library Books online via app. Lol!)

The bookstore attendants (I hope it’s the right term) were seated in a corner, chilling and chatting away in this sanctuary. When I was young, I ever dreamt of becoming a librarian so that I can read Everyday! I was a bookworm. Who’s with me? 🙂

It has another wing which is more like a gallery shop selling records and souvenirs. At the second level, that’s where the fun begins.

I felt excited as I inched forward through the maze-like bookshelves, looking forward to discover something. Perhaps this is the same feeling for toy collectors when they stepped into a toy store.

I found a website which states 14 most beautiful bookstores in the world and they should totally include The Last Bookstore!

14 bookstores

What’s your current fave read?