Santa Monica Pier and Venice Canals

Santa Monica Pier gives one a laidback vibes and I would consider it a place to unwind. There’s sea gulls everywhere and they seem to know how to pose for the camera.

There’s an amusement park at the pier, Pacific Park, overseeing the Pacific Ocean. It’s old-school and not much people were playing the rides – perhaps it’s much crowded during summer time.

I can imagine this place hustling and bustling during summer or school vacation. It seems like an ideal place for young and old, to indulge in some weekend fun.

There’s some swings nearby at the beach and I’m always ready for it.

We took a 25-min stroll along the beach, heading towards Venice Beach. It was 330pm that time and we were trying to reach Venice Canals before sunset.

I have to say Venice Beach was disappointing. The route from Santa Monica to Venice Beach went from good to bad. I didn’t even dare to take out my Hp or GoPro to take photos/videos because there’s simply too many homeless/drug addicts lining up the entire stretch. Imagine the souvenir stores were lined up on left side while their “homes” lined up on the right side, each having their own territory. We felt unsafe.

Here’s the only photo I have of Venice Beach.

We quickened our pace and headed straight to Venice Canals. Now, that’s a totally different atmosphere which was good thing. Very tranquil and peaceful.

We walked through a small road and came to the entrance of Venice Canals, hidden behind a row of houses. We were just in time for the sunset!

We made our way back to Venice Beach to takeaway our dinner. We got Sushi Venice and their healthy bowls were so good.

We were trying to find a good location for Uber pickup and I was so happy to find Menotti’s Coffeestop.

I love the oldies vibes and the owner (I assume he is) keep playing George Michael – Careless Whisper using the record player. And the song was stuck in my head that day and till now it will suddenly appear in my teeny brain. I want a record player in my house in the future! Haha. And did I mention their coffee was awesome?