Los Angeles – A Day in Melrose Avenue

If you love shopping boutique stores and discovering new things, then Melrose Avenue is the place for you. This is also the place to take that IG-worthy photo with those iconic walls. And of course with the palm trees too.

We dedicate 1 day to explore Melrose area, which is safe to walk around during daytime. There’s an entire stretch of eclectic stores, dance school (Playground LA), healthy bowl stores, high end boutique stores and cafes.

In fact as we walked around, we saw influencers with their Photographers, posing at spots (like traffic lights?), taking all in.

We shortlisted Paul Smith store to take photo at their pink wall. There’s actually a crowd there taking their spots and snapping away.

We got our açai bowl fix at this place named Liquid. We were so delighted to see many healthy options as there’s mostly fast food options in Hollywood area.

We chanced upon a cat cafe named Crumbs and Whiskers. It was very popular and we made a reservation for a later timing.

We then went on to shop at Glossier, which we would later misplace our items at a restaurant! Lol.

We went past this vintage record store but didn’t have much chance to linger around as the owner seemed quite aggressive.

We went on to Alfred Coffee and Alfred Tearoom to try their signature #alfredcone and matcha latte.

Crowd gathering at this Made In LA wall. After cat cafe, we caught this lovely sunset. As it was turning dark soon, we settled for a nearby restaurant named Taste On Melrose. Best decision ever! We had their 3 course meal and their meatballs were awesome. We actually left our glossier bags there and only realised when we were reaching our hotel! Thankfully our bags were still there when we Uber back.

So that’s our 1-day adventure at Melrose! I would recommend a visit to this area if you have some spare time; half day would be good too.