San Francisco – Boba Guys

Do you have cravings of bubble milk tea when you are overseas? If your answer is yes, I can totally relate.

Still remembering the craze of bubble tea started in Singapore 10 years ago. In fact, there were bubble tea everywhere in heartlands and Hawker centres. Growing up with bubble tea fad, it has become part of our life! To satisfy our bubble tea cravings, we searched for the best ones to try.

We have heard about Boba Guys in San Francisco and we couldn’t miss the chance to try it. We often call the drink bubble tea but here, it’s known as Boba.

From afar, we can see the queue. We felt the adrenaline rush! Damn, Singaporeans just love to queue LoL.

Boba Guys uses premium teas and Straus organic milk, which make their drinks a tad more expensive than the regular ones you find. One look at their menu, you get excited to see the variety of interesting drinks.

Bestie ordered Japanese Coffee Cola while I ordered the classic milk tea. (I always choose the boring and classic one as a comparison basis to decide if their drinks are good; like a benchmark)

Lo and behold… I was blown away. I’m not a big bubble tea drinker and I can basically survive all year round without it. But after drinking this, i got hooked somehow!

The classic milk tea is smooth, not too sweet, fresh warm boba with the right chewy and springy taste… I can never forget the taste. I kid you not. Right after I come back to SG, my body goes into overdrive and I need boba drip on me. So I’m on a quest to find the boba drink in SG that can give me similar taste of what I had from Boba Guys. Anyone feel me? I hope I don’t sound psychotic here! Haha.

The Japanese Cola Coffee was unique – cold brew coffee with sweet, creamy, homemade buttercream. As expected, I came back and tried Coca-cola coffee plus! Lol.

I’m gonna get my cuppa boba now!