San Francisco – Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC)

We were psyched to visit Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC), after seeing all the fun stuff on Instagram. Thankfully we booked the tickets online in advance as we read that it tends to get sold out real quick.

We got in line for our time slot which was fuss-free and we had to think for a name for ourselves. We were strawberry (Me) and Raspberry (Bestie) haha! Inspired from our matchy ootds.

First stop, we were given some briefing on the stations and ice cream was given to us. Yum yum.

We went in by batches and visited some photo ops space before we were given a few minutes time frame for their famous sprinkle pool! Everyone went insane at Sprinkle Pool because of the time limit!


Thereafter, we “dried” ourselves at the sprinkle shower to remove an traces of it.

The next few stations were pretty cool and interactive. We were brought to a dark station to spot bananas in our group and were given more dessert in return. And then we went on for colourful ones with photo ops.

Next we were brought to this cute bear room which we have no idea what we were trying to pose!

The cherry room was so pretty, and the facilitator asked us to name one quality that we like about each other. Bestie actually said she like that I’m understanding! LOL. Not sure if that’s the word my fiance will describe me haha.

Towards the end, the statement room allows us to piece the alphabets together to form a statement that we want to bring across. Again, we were given more ice cream! I felt so guilty coz I had boba before entering and I was on a sugar high.

Then it ended at The Pint Shop, whereby you can get quirky souvenirs of MOIC. I went crazy there and got so excited when I saw the MOIC x Sephora brush clutch set.

Got the brush clutch set, a tote bag, a T-shirt, a tumbler. Total damage was sgd174! Omg what did I do? But I’m so happy with my loots. 🙂

Overall, we had a fun experience and we thought it exceeded our expectations. Kudos to the facilitators who are always in high spirits and exhibit positive energy. Really takes a lot to keep the atmosphere upbeat and to ensure the experience will be seamless and enjoyable to the guests.

Would highly recommend to drop by this place when you are in San Francisco! And please come to Singapore. Guarantee will be a great hit!