2018 in a Nutshell

Thought I should write my entry on 2018 before I go on my 2-week vacation.

In summary, 2018 has been a good year. Though I traveled lesser, the trips have been fulfilling, which included (2 new countries, 7 cities); not including the upcoming ones. After an entire year of planning for our pre-wedding photoshoot and videoshoot, can’t believe we are going to embark this trip in less than 24 hours. Nervous butterflies and jittery feels. We can only pray for good weather.

On a personal note, I lost a loved one in May this year. My grandmother has lived a ripe old age and was diagnosed from pancreatic cancer since last year October 2017. I think I can never forget the look on her face during her last few days on Earth. I believe she’s doing well in heaven.

I have always wanted to set some personal goals to achieve. Bit by bit. This year, I finally stop procrastination and be serious on getting my driving license. Ya I know that some of you may have it 10 years ago! I’m so glad I got it within 3 months on my first try. 🙂

They said everyone needs to have these 3 life skills – Cycle, Drive, Swim. Have learnt how to cycle last year (hope I still remember how lol!), how to drive this year, the last item on my list is to swim. I have learnt Swimming during college but my phobia for water is huge. Anyone has similar feels?

2019 will be an even more exciting year for me – Wedding, New Home, New beginning.


It’s always a good idea to space out your wedding preparations in advance so that there’s time to plan and react accordingly. Right now, the search for “The Gown” begins for me! Haha.

New Home

It feels amazing to see how your new home is forming bit by bit – our condo is work in progress and near my current home. So I’ll get to see it every time the train passes by. I just hope it will be done and completed way way way before the TOP.

New Beginning

While next year will be the last year of me being a bachelorette, moving on to the next phase of my life is really something new and exciting.

So what’s your plans for 2019?