Cappadocia – Drone Photography / Videography

Our carpet dreams came true.

created by dji camera

On our last day of pre-wedding shoot, our vendor wanted to give us a little surprise by bringing us to the last shooting place named @GalerieIkman

Unfortunately, due to the heavy snow, all the carpets were kept and we didn’t make it for the shooting at this awesome place with our gowns/suits.

So the day after, we decided to check it out on our free day (I did some CSI on Instagram and I made it a priority to come to this place no matter what). Lo and behold, we were swept away by the carpet setup!

Basically this place is huge and is run by this veteran photographer named Ikman. He runs a family business and the entire line of stores surrounding this IG-worthy place (Selling carpets, Turkish lamps, souvenirs etc) are under his care. So he has been a photographer for most of his life but came back to run his family business – 5th generation.

In a nutshell, if you want to take photos in the stores, you would need to pay a nominal fee of 100 Turkish Lira (SGD28). If you want to engage his drone services, it cost 400 Turkish Lira (SGD111) using his drone. You will get high res videos and photos on the spot (he will install this amazing app and press some button and ta-da! you get all everything on the spot; be it iPhone or android phones). If you happen to have usb or hard disk then it’s better.

I was like ok, take my money! We waited for our turn as we slowly explored his stores, where we felt like we were lost in maze / wonderland. I kept oh-wow-ing and omg-ing at every turn and corner.


It started to snow heavily while I chose my costume for the shots. It was so COLD. My legs, especially my feet started to turn numb and I couldn’t feel them and had issues walking properly to change the poses. The life battery of drone usually only last 10-15 minutes so we had to change the poses and act fast. He’s very seasoned so he will place you properly and tell you specific instructions so you look awesome in all the shots. Later on we found out that he used to take photos of top models, that’s why he knows all the good angles.

created by dji camera

After couple shots, we wasted no time and quickly moved on to my individual shots.

created by dji camera

I look like a rag doll haha.

created by dji cameracreated by dji cameracreated by dji camera

The queen has arrived! :p

created by dji cameracreated by dji cameracreated by dji camera

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There’s another store name they have named Gule Gule Travel which also belongs to them. So it’s actually the same place but focused on other travel services. we chatted with Inman for a while and he brought us to his brother’s eatery store located just across the road and we had another amazing and sumptuous meal!

I ordered this beef with yogurt sauce with fries and it’s like the bomb. Again, another awesome and reasonably-priced meal in Cappadocia. My fiancé is a happy man when he sees the big portion. Happy fiancé, happy life. Haha.

Thereafter, we took a stroll amidst the snow and took it all in. But it only lasted for 5 mins as it got really cold haha.

Overall, I was really impressed with all the videos and photos and I felt like it was worth every single cent I paid. I felt Turkish has really evolved fast to embrace social media and they seized business opportunities. Almost every restaurants, hotels, stores we go, they have Instagram accounts! They are really on the ball in terms of the social media game and they know what consumers want. Even a Hagia Sophia resident cat has an official IG account of more than 8,000 followers!  Wow.

So in this example, what seemed to be a traditional family business has evolved into modern business extension of photo-taking spot, while still running the traditional brick-and-mortar of retail stores.

For Instagrammers, this is the place you need/must visit to get those drone shots. 🙂