3D2N in Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Museum Hotel is easily one of the best hotels in Cappadocia.

We took an early flight via Turkish Airlines and reached Cappadocia in the morning close to 10am. We were wow-ed by every single turn we took in this hotel. It felt like we were transported to fairyland.

If this is not the most instagrammable hotel, then I don’t know where else is! We were hungry and tired after our flight and Museum Hotel was nice to offer us breakfast (though they were closing breakfast dining soon) while we waited for our room to be ready.

Their breakfast is extensive. They have sweets, cheese, salad, egg station, gozleme station (my fave) and a lot of fresh juices for you to choose.

The restaurant manager took us on a tour to brief us the different stations and recommend some must-try. Their peach juice is THE BOMB as they grew their own peaches in the garden; just imagine how fresh it is! I drink it every morning without fail.

This gozleme is very crispy yet it has a soft texture to it. You can customise and choose the various fillings that you want too.

After breakfast, the manager brought us to our cave room personally and explained every single details of it. Spacious room, especially the bathroom!

This room is named Lazy Hunter because of this spot. So imagine the hunter is lying down on the sofa bed while putting the gun through the hole for shooting.

They provided some complimentary snacks and small portion of red wine. The day after, they gave us an entire bottle of red wine, most probably out of goodwill because we were doing our photoshoot.

Have taken some shots of the corridor while making our way to the rooftop.

The view was amazing; we would love to stay longer if not for the cold weather.

We saw their resident cat and it was shivering in the cold.

Back to the room to rest and took some shots before it was time for lunch. We went back to restaurant at Museum Hotel and sat at the same table! Look at how much Hummus I have eaten. :p

We went to a nearby restaurant for fine dining to spend our Xmas Eve. The restaurant is named Sira Restaurant with reasonably-priced menu.

We went back hotel and then suddenly we heard “Meow Meow Meow”! It was the same cat that we saw that afternoon. It recognised us. 🙂

On Christmas Day, we started our Day 1 of shoot. Everything went past like a breeze and the only thing I remembered was that it was cold. And yes I lost my drone after it’s second flight because I risked it and the wind blew it away slowly, right in front of our eyes… 🙁 I’ll share the footages of it before it flew off lol.

Our happy faces after the shoot and we went nearby for dinner, at the restaurant in Cappadocia Cave Resort. We were totally famished as we skipped lunch. Their hummus was the most expensive we have ever eaten in Turkey!!!

We were following the weather forecast and it indicated it may snow the next day. And it really did. I woke up at 4am to pee and noticed some movement at our window. It took me a while to figure out what happened and it hit me that the snow has come! I was so happy as it was my first time seeing snow in action.

Bae was still sleeping and I told him I’m gg out to take some photos/videos but he went back to sleep. Haha.

Look at how Museum Hotel has turned into a dreamy place overnight.

We went on for Day 2 shoot and we needed to check-our at noon as we still need to carry on our shoot outdoor in the afternoon.

Overall, we booked 2 nights for their standard cave hotel which cost only 300euros. It is definitely awesome to experience this stay with Museum Hotel and I would recommend you to email them directly for their cave room availability.

I’ll blog more on my stay in another cave hotel. So stay tuned!